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Take Five Sports Bar and Grill



Ownership & Structure

Take Five Sports Bar and Grill is a privately held Georgia company. Joseph A. Smith is the principal owner. It is Mr. Smith’s intention to offer limited outside ownership in Take Five on an equity, debt, or combination basis in order to facilitate a more rapid expansion of the Take Five concept.


Company History

Take Five Sports Bar and Grill was founded two years ago by Joseph Smith to capitalize on the ever growing market demand for high end technology enhanced sports theme restaurants. Take Five has promoted its brand through the operation of its existing location at Medlock Bridge Road and State Bridge Road in Anytown, Georgia. The flagship location provides a unique dining and entertainment experience in a high-energy environment. Customer acceptance has been proven. Regular and repeat customers cross many age demographics and families are frequent diners.

Take Five has promoted heavily with tie-ins to Anytown professional teams and celebrities. Take Five Sports Bar and Grill is the radio home for the live Monday Night XYZ Anytown Falcons coaches show featuring June Jones and Jeff George. This show is broadcast during the hour preceding the telecast of "Monday Night Football". In addition, Take Five hosts the Anytown Hawks sports talk show on ABC 750 AM featuring guard Steve Smith and the radio voice of the Hawks, Steve Holman. The Anytown Braves celebrated their World Series championship party at Take Five the night they won the Series.



Management Team

Joseph Smith


LaSalle University, MBA Finance, BS, Finance

Professional Experience


Finance, Strategic Planning, Corporate Development

Scientific Anytown–1988-1990:

VP Finance, Electronic Systems Group

Holiday Inn Worldwide–1990-1993:

Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, reporting to the CFO


5.3 Management Team Gaps

Specific opportunities exist in the store operations supervisory area (not needed initially) and in franchise sales development (not needed initially).

It is expected that these people can be recruited when needed in the Anytown market. Anytown is now home to more than 40 franchise company headquarters.

Store managers are readily available when needed. Food service managers are plentiful.

Personnel Table

2018 2019 2020
Bartenders (3.58) $99,000 $146,880 $149,816
Cooks (2.61) $83,600 $136,800 $136,800
Chef (0.97) $46,200 $51,408 $52,436
Manager (0.97) $49,500 $55,080 $56,182
Busboys (2.94) $48,400 $80,784 $109,868
Website Programmer (0.97) $60,500 $67,320 $68,666
Social Media / Marketing (1.94) $88,000 $97,920 $99,878