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Company Summary

Sportsuchtig sells quality sporting goods equipment for the entire family, primarily focused on and specializing in baseball and softball equipment, apparel and accessories (although we do sell a small amount of volleyball, basketball and football equipment). The company was established as a retail store in 1986 and created an Internet sports store in 1998. The company currently operates out of a 7,400 square foot facility which houses the combined retail store, call center, office, and product warehouse. Over the last 3 years, the company has averaged $2.5 million in sales and a gross margin of 25%, with 52% of the sales generated by the website and 48% coming from the retail store.

The retail store is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and is closed on Sunday. Orders are retrieved four to six times daily except on Sunday and the 800 call center number is staffed during retail store hours.

The growth opportunities for Sportsuchtig are many, including widening the product offerings to include other sports, enhancing the Website for ease of use and presentation, optimizing Web search engine results, relocating the retail store to a location that can tap into the fast developing residential areas in the metropolitan region, staffing a sales force to aggressively pursue team uniform sales, and implementing a consistent, integrated marketing plan.

2.1 Start-up Summary

The startup expenses include Legal Fees for services in regards to the purchase of the business such as the Letter of Intent, the Asset Purchase Agreement, due diligence activities, and the business organization. The Accounting fees are for services regarding the business evaluation and due diligence activities. Rent and insurance for the retail facility must be prepaid before the business takeover. Also listed are expenses related to the creation and production of this business plan.

The startup assets listed are the assets that are being purchased. The purchase price of $1 million for the business is based almost entirely on the value of the assets. The large majority of the company assets, almost $900,000 worth, will reside in inventory. The $25,000 of current assets include furniture, fixtures, display cases, and accounts receivable. The $25,000 of long term assets include 7 computers and a server, printers, and associated software.

The starting cash of $50,000 is working capital to cover 2 months of expenses ($45,000), to provide for initial marketing efforts and as a contingency fund to cover unforEseen expenses related to the takeover of the business.

The purpose of this business plan is to secure a $700,000 conventional or SBA loan for the purchase of the business. The remainder of the purchase and startup costs ($300,000) will be financed through owner investment.

Sporting goods retail store business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Rent $6,000
Insurance $2,000
Legal Fees $10,000
Business Plan production $100
Accounting Fees $1,000
Business Plan Software $200
Loan Closing Costs $20,000
Other $1,000
Total Start-up Expenses $40,300
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $50,000
Start-up Inventory $900,000
Other Current Assets $25,000
Long-term Assets $25,000
Total Assets $1,000,000
Total Requirements $1,040,300

2.2 Company Ownership

The assets of Sportsuchtig are being purchased by John and Lisa Johnson. The company will be organized initially as a Limited Liability Corporation named Johnson Sporting Goods, LLC, doing business as Sportsuchtig.