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Pink Lady Bug Designs


Pink Lady Bug Designs will market uniquely designed products that incorporate a pink lady bug or pink ribbon that is used to identify breast cancer awareness programs and events. We have also been contacted by other women’s health organizations to develop products that target their specific fund-raising needs.

Our packaging philosophy will take advantage of the attractive Pink Lady Bug Designs logo. Graphic designer Kaleen Healey developed the logo and package to take advantage of the beauty and popularity of lady bugs.

3.1 Product Description

Phase One will focus on high-quality chocolates. Primarily we are selling a cause: The cause is to help prevent needless and avoidable illnesses in women – especially for those who could not afford medical care – by raising funds to be used toward education, prevention and a cure.

The unique feature of the chocolates is the incorporation of both the pink lady bug and the pink ribbon, which is so identifiable with breast cancer awareness.

Pink Lady Bug Chocolates will bring three to five product offerings to market. We will sell a chocolate lolly pop or chocolate-covered cookie with the familiar pink ribbon and lady bug for event and occasions that require a favor-sized product. Intermediately priced items may consist of two and four caramel or mint candies in attractive packaging. These products can also be used as favors at more upscale events and also as gifts. For special occasions, we will offer high-quality confections that brighten the spirit.

A highly unique aspect to PLBD products is that they are already in high-demand from other charitable organizations. They can either be sold as premiums to these organizations or can be sold as stand-alone items.

In Phase Two, we will include gift baskets and plush collectible animals in our product line. Development of programs for other women’s health causes will follow Phase Two.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Our competition is difficult to define because of our multi-layered approach to the market. We are competing with the multitude of fund-raising organizations for a share of charitable dollars. Because we are incorporating several different retail products, we will also be in direct competition for those consumer dollars.

We feel that our product ideas and marketing strategies are unique. From our research we have not found any competition that has taken the aforementioned marketing approach.


  • Direct Competition – From our research we have been unable to find any chocolates that are sold with the purpose of raising money for breast cancer awareness.
  • Indirect Competition – Specialty chocolates such as Frango, Godiva, Ghiradelli, South Bend Chocolates, Sugar ‘n Spice. To a lesser extent, we will also have competition with Brach’s, Fannie May, Russell Stover, et al.

Gift Baskets

  • Direct Competition – From our research we have only found a few gift basket companies that sell their product at the national level with the purpose of raising money for breast cancer awareness. For the most part these are focused on a local level.
  • Indirect Competition – Local florists and basket companies that specialize in “occasion-” baskets.

Plush Toys

  • Direct Competition – From our research we have not found any companies that sell a collectible plush toy at the national level with the purpose of raising money for breast cancer awareness.
  • Indirect Competition – Any of the collectible series of toys marketed by Ty, et al.

3.3 Sales Literature

Once final product selection has been made we will create full-color brochures that will be sent to prospective customers. Each of our products will carry the Pink Lady Bug story through print on the package or inserts in the boxes.

3.4 Sourcing

Sourcing is critical for any enterprise, especially a retail operation. Pink Lady Bug Design’s first line of products – high quality chocolates and confections – will be produced exclusively by Bissinger French Confections of St. Louis, Missouri. We have entered into a non-binding agreement with Bissinger’s, which can handle large volumes of product. Orders will be placed through PLBD’s main office and then communicated to Bissinger’s for fulfillment. This will ensure the most expedient delivery and the freshest product possible.

Advertising will be outsourced. Most sales promotions and public relations work are handled in-house by Linda Herter. Professional administrative and consulting tasks will also be outsourced.

3.5 Future Products

Phase Two

We will also expand our “Chocolates for a Cause” products for other women’s health causes. After these causes have been addressed we will entertain the prospect of offering our services and expertise to causes outside of the women’s health realm.

Panhellenic Chocolates

Contacts have also been made to national sororities, such as Alpha Omega Pi, to provide unique chocolates for Panhellenic functions. We will conduct test marketing at colleges around the Great Lakes region. Most sororities conduct the modern day equivalent of the traditional Sadie Hawkins dance. Accompanying the young lady’s invitation to the prospective dance partner is frequently a favor, often in the form of common, everyday chocolates. Pink Lady Bug will provide chocolates in the shape of the sororities’ and fraternities’ Greek letters. This product will also help to fulfill the education objective of our mission by reaching young women who need to be aware of the need for health screenings.

Premium Chocolates

After the required capital has been generated, and the Pink Lady Bug brand identity has been strengthened, we will design the packaging and introduce a second line of upscale premium chocolates that are comparable to those merchandised in upper-tier department stores and Web pages. A beautiful garden of vibrant pastel-colored truffles and melt away chocolates will make a perfect complement to an already established line of chocolates.

Gift Baskets/Inspirational Items/Jewelry

Includes branching into other areas such as gift baskets that include chocolates, inspirational items from local author, artist, and breast cancer awareness advocate, Nancy Drew.

Pink Lady Bug Apparel

A line of apparel targeting teenage females, with the intent to foster women’s health awareness, will be phased in within the three to five year plan. We will take advantage of the growing awareness and brand identity created by the Pink Lady Bug Chocolates by producing simple, yet attractive, hats, jewelry, shirts and other complementary items. We envision taking this program to the grade school, middle school, and high school levels. Our familiarity and experience with cheerleading, gymnastics and girls’ athletics will allow us to effectively reach this market.

3.6 Technology

We use off-the-shelf, PC-based software for accounting purposes, including AR/AP, inventory, purchasing, sales, and returns.

Our Web page development, including graphics and layout, will be handled by Kaleen Healey, a Web page and graphic design artist. Day-to-day maintenance of the Web page will be handled by Brian Egendoerfer (see personnel). We will rely heavily upon our Web page as a marketing tool. Orders can easily be placed by customers and redirected to Bissinger’s in St. Louis, thereby streamlining the order and fulfillment process.