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Chicano Stylez


Product descriptions, beyond general categories of clothing and accessories, have been omitted from this sample plan because they were considered proprietary and wouldn’t be useful to anybody else.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

Chicano Stylez has many advantages over its leading competitors.

  1. New inventory from the hottest and most renowned Latin-American markets.
  2. Literature, art, and music are an essential part of our store’s atmosphere. We offer these cultural aspects, at no cost, to all children.
  3. In addition to Latin-American products, we offer clothing and accessories from  swap meets and cultural sub-communities, like Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Our aim is to bond with the high Chicano population in Eugene, by offering products that combine both the Latin and American cultures.
  4. Ambiance of creativity, uniqueness, and a sense of comfort that comes with both recognition of our products.
  5. Friendly staff who foster a respect and appreciation for diversity.