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Machine & Equipment Manufacturing icon Solar Water Heater Distributor Business Plan

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Sun Heat

Web Plan Summary

Sun Heat will create a website to distribute product information. This will be an efficient source of disbursement since once the site is complete, maintenance costs are low and the site can serve a large number of potential users. The site also will be a source of technical information for current owners Sun Heat units.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The marketing and sales department will be instructed to rely heavily on the website as a clearinghouse for information about Sun Heat products. Energy saving estimates, technical requirements, installations guidelines as well as product comparisons will be available. All printed materials will refer to the website as an information source. Sun Heat recognizes the value of the website and will promote it accordingly.

6.2 Development Requirements

Sun Heat has identified a programmer (after reviewing their portfolio) who has the time, technical skills, and artistic vision to create Sun Heat’s site. The site will take four to six weeks to complete and then require bi-monthly updates.