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Cresta Testing

Web Plan Summary

The Cresta website will be the virtual business card and portfolio for the company, as well as its online “home.” It will showcase the technical background of the Cresta consultants, as well as the portfolio of all the past and current QA and testing projects done by Cresta. To further show off its expertise the Cresta website should create a resources area, offering articles, research, case studies and white papers to interested parties.

The key to the website strategy will be combining a very well designed front end, with a back end capable of recording leads and proposal requests as well as capturing CV’s for potential additions to Cresta’s consulting body.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing has evolved. It is no longer about driving traffic, it is about driving sales. Internet Marketing is a highly focused and specialized field that requires extensive knowledge of Internet technologies and online protocols as well as traditional and e-business process, marketing expertise and customer relations. Cresta has retained the services of Single Throw, Inc. and their highly skilled Internet marketing consultants to ensure the success of this initiative.

Cresta’s Internet marketing campaign will be focused on a process known as “Progression Marketing” to harness the targeting power, reach and measurability of the Internet to help Cresta acquire customers, increase revenue and cut costs. By using the Progression Marketing methodology, Cresta will identify imminent buyers with purchase intent. Target these potential customers, capture their attention, convert them into clients and retain them, providing life time value. Through this approach, Cresta will receive the benefits of broad visibility within the Internet’s most widely used references. These include a more noticeable presence, natural credibility, enhanced brand awareness, and increased self qualified customers…making our Internet marketing campaign a truly invaluable sales tool with long term measurable results.

6.2 Development Requirements

The Cresta website will be redesigned with the Single Throw experts to conform with the newly developed Internet marketing strategy. This redesign will include the following:

  • Market Study to ensure that Cresta is fundamentally aligned with its potential customers and is “speaking the same language.” This phase will take approximately two weeks.
  • Identify imminent buyers with purchasing intent and redesign the website to target these specific customers. This phase will take approximately six weeks.
  • Complete construction of the redesigned website to ensure favorable placement and highly targeted listings within Internet search engines organic results, as well as in directories and complimentary sites. This phase will take approximately two weeks.
  • Continued refinement of the website to adapt to market and industry changes.  This will be an ongoing process.