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SAFEassure’s product line provides a unique control level to managers, supervisors and parents alike. We have two basic product lines: CHILDassure, intended for day care facilities, and an antimicrobial-based product for hospitals (HEALTHassure) and restaurants (FOODassure) – the antibacterial products are not yet in development. The various product lines, competitors and future product possibilities for SAFEassure, LLC will be outlined in the following section.

Product Description

  • SAFEassure, LLC will produce a line of institutional liquid soaps with a time-sensitive dye blended into the mixture.
  • The dye reacts with the hands during the lathering process, staining the hands a distinct color, then fading in under six minutes.
  • The product will sell for approximately $90/case. (4 gallons/case)
  • The packaging will be compatible with existing soap dispensers mounted in washing stations and be available in a variety of sizes.
  • Initially, SAFEassure, LLC will produce products with child care acquirers in mind, utilizing the brightest colors possible. This product line, called CHILDassure, will consist of four colors: red, blue, pink and green.

Competitive Comparison

  • SAFEassure’s products offer a high value alternative to other hand washing compliance products.
  • They provide an unprecedented level of control, allowing these managers to monitor and follow hand washing frequency and habits of both child-care workers and children. Ultimately this can lower costs for all users, either in a workplace or private environment by reducing the risk of disease outbreaks and/or health code violations.
  • As the first fading dye hand soap in the market, SAFEassure, LLC will build brand identity, establishing the company as the standard for improving hand washing compliance.
  • As SAFEassure’s products become more familiar in a workplace environment, the product will begin to produce a pressure on employees, whereby they feel compelled to wash their hands out of a consciousness about the perception of all employees, not just managers. This “peer pressure” effect will further fuel the use of our products and the recognition of the benefits they deliver.

Sales Literature

In order to sell our product while creating familiarity and a positive brand image, it will be necessary to develop brochures and literature to emphasize the safety and beneficial attributes of fading dye soap, many of which may not be readily apparent to an interested party. These will be delivered both in person during a sales presentation and by direct mail.


The key to our success is the time-sensitive dye. Once the proper ratio of dye to base soap is isolated, the fragmented nature of the soap industry provides many options for outsourcing production. Similar to any commodity, economies of scale require the soap to be produced, packaged and distributed in large batches. Initially, the soap base will be purchased in quantities of at least 38,000 gallons for approximately $50,000. Once the relationship with the manufacturer is established, our subsequent purchases will be approximately for $20,000. These inventory amounts should be sufficient to for SAFEassure, LLC to meet the customer demand. Utilizing his production and distribution knowledge, Rick Brown will use existing established relationships in the industry to help us mix, package and distribute the product line.


The technology of our fading dyes will be pivotal in the success of our company.  The interactions between fading dyes and antibacterial or anti-microbial bases suitable for use in restaurants or hospitals are more complicated than the interactions with the glycerin or lotion soaps utilized in the CHILDassure line. As soon as cash flow permits, projected to be in 2008, SAFEassure, LLC will employ a professional chemist with experience developing dye products to further the research into technological innovations that may produce antibacterial and anti-microbial versions of the soap to address additional markets.

Future Products

Additional soap products, manufactured to comply with regulatory minimums for strength and effectiveness in their respective target markets will be developed to address restaurants and hospitals. These soaps will be trade marked under the names FOODassure and HEALTHassure, respectively.

Perhaps the most promising future market opportunity for fading dye soap is the retail market. This product line will include soaps using the same or similar dye colors as the day care to encourage children to wash their hands more often at home. This will be a top priority when the company develops the financial resources enough to mount a national advertising campaign and distribution system. A complete line of fading dye products could potentially be developed, including floor, counter and body cleaning products that use fading dyes to indicate places on a surface that may not have been cleaned.