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Entertainment icon Skate Park Skiing Business Plan

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Skate Park NW


SP offers skate skiing trails, lessons, and associated rentals. Skate skiing is a fairly new nordic skiing technique. Instead of using the classic technique where the two skis travel parallel to each other in tracks, skate skiing employs a trail where the trail is 10-15 feet wide and is groomed to have very little snow on top of a hard packed snow surface. The technique looks very similar to inline skating technique where the skater places weight on one leg and pushes off on that ski, transferring weight onto the other ski. This technique was created by American Bill Koch 20 years ago when we went onto to receive a medal in the olympics by using this at-the-time unique looking style. His unusual technique became a standard way of skiing and has become quite popular. This style of nordic skiing requires trails to be groomed differently than standard classic XC skiing. SP will have a lodge open which will be a source of rentals as well as a place where skiers can come in from the cold and rest.

Skate Park will have a limited selection snack bar. All of the food items will be prepared, the most that will be needed is the warming of the product. In addition to food products, warm drinks will be served. It will have an automatic espresso machine requiring very little in terms of human labor to operate. This machine was provided to Skate Park at almost no cost. It was subsidized by the vendor that Skate Park purchases its beans from. Skate Park will also offer hot chocolate and tea.