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Skate Park NW

Executive Summary

Skate Park NW (SP) is a new skate skiing resort located in the Oregon Cascades offering miles of groomed trails. With little competition, incredible trails, and a solid management team, SP will be able to execute on its comprehensive business plan.

Skate skiing is a new form of nordic skiing. Originally created by Bill Koch, skate skiing is rapidly gaining popularity, it appeals to active people as a new, fun style of cross country skiing and serves as outstanding cross training for runners and cyclists. SP will develop the sport’s popularity by sponsoring races and clinics.

SP has three keys to success. The first is its competitive edge of convenience. SP offers incredible convenience for Willamette River Valley customers who would otherwise have to drive to Mt. Bachelor. The second key is to maintain a well groomed trail system. The last key is a concentration on customer service. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction will greatly assist attracting new customers and maintaining current customers.

SP has targeted two distinct segments of the market, beginners and experienced skiers. The beginner segment is made up of people that have never tried skate skiing but are eager to try it. The second group is experienced skaters who come from other sports and are looking for a winter sport that they can participate in, providing them enjoyment during the winter months and maintaining their fitness level.

SP will undertake a three pronged marketing strategy used to generate awareness for SP and skate skiing in general. The first is printed materials to be passed out in a number of retail locations including competitive races of different sports. The second will be advertisements that will be placed in the local outdoor/sport journals. Lastly, SP will sponsor races and clinics which will be used to generate interest in the sport, both from a participatory perspective as well as from a competitive perspective.

SP has conservatively forecasted profitability to occur during year one. The net profit will be 9.96% for year two, growing to 13.26% year three. SP will generate sales of $235,082 by year two and $276,221 by year three. SP is an exciting opportunity that combines an unmet market need, a well thought out business model and a seasoned management team.

Skate park skiing business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

  • Create the #1 skate ski park in the Cascades.
  • Offer exciting skiing to a wider audience who have never previously tried it due to convenience issues.
  • Become profitable within two years.

1.2 Mission

Skate Park NW’s mission is to create the premier skate skiing facility in the Cascades, appealing to professionals as well as beginners. It is our goal to make every customer as satisfied as possible.

1.3 Keys to Success

  • Convenience: The facilities must be convenient in order to attract sufficient numbers of people.
  • Quality: The trails must be groomed often to remain in the best condition.
  • Benchmarked customer service: Customer service is the #1 priority.