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NaviTag Technologies, LLC

Products and Services

NaviTag Technologies provides a service that allows government or commercial entities to securely track their cargo movements worldwide. This is accomplished by utilizing a patent pending electronic tag – called NaviTag – to capture location and event information in conjunction with an Internet accessible central database.

The NaviTag can easily be attached to any container, monitor the transport route and destination, and be removed at destination to be reused on another shipment. If the container is entered, the NaviTag will alert the central database of the event and provide data regarding the intrusion. The central database acts as a clearinghouse that allows government and commercial organizations to utilize this information to streamline internal processes.

The NaviTag will provide shippers with accurate, timely information regarding the location of their shipment via modem transmissions to the central database. The shipper can access the location information at anytime through a secure Internet connection and be empowered with the information necessary to make decisions, and take required actions to support their supply chain.

NaviTag Technologies will support government agencies desire to improve security within the U.S. ports and borders. A NaviTag attached to a container on foreign soil would provide full route and location visibility to destination as well as notification of any breach in security. The authorities could then investigate the security breach and take the necessary action. For the Department of Defense, NaviTag can provide end-to-end visibility and security for all their sensitive cargo, ensuring the safety of the military personnel at the destination.

NaviTag is light, compact, and reusable making it a cost-effective method of tracking cargo and ensuring security. It is a rechargeable, self-powered device that can be easily packaged and returned to the owner providing unlimited use.

3.1 Product and Service Description

NaviTag Technologies provides a service that allows government or commercial entities to securely track their cargo movements worldwide. Our cargo tracking solution comprises of three elements, the datacentre, the activation unit and the NaviTag itself.

The NaviTag unit utilizes a low power modem that allows it to communicate from anywhere in the world. This modem, in conjunction with positional and door sensors, provides the capability to transmit positional and door open conditions on a regulated basis throughout the cargo’s journey to its destination.

The NaviTag provides this functionality in a self-contained unit at a size and price point not previously available. The NaviTag unit is about the size of a paperback novel and light in weight to facilitate return shipment.

It attaches to the exterior of the container door by means of fixed mounting arms and an adjustable securing bar that is locked in place for the duration of the voyage. It is detached at destination by entering the unlock code into the electronic keypad and following instructions in the status display window.

Once the NaviTag has been activated, it records its location and transmits positional information at an average of every four hours. The frequency of these transmissions increases as the cargo approaches its destination, and any door open conditions or tampering conditions get transmitted immediately.

These transmissions are relayed via secure means to our Datacentre where they are validated and inserted into a common data structure. Upon validation, the Datacentre will perform any global and voyage specific messaging as defined by the NaviTag owner.

3.2 Fulfillment

While the NaviTag is an important part of the cargo monitoring solution, the information and actions generated from NaviTag data are equally important.

Our solution includes a normalized database from which NaviTag owners and authorized third parties can access and integrate NaviTag data into their own business processes. Access rights to data will be closely held, and authorization routines will be implemented at the site, database and device level. Each NaviTag is centrally registered to its owner, and usage is limited to authorized parties.