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NaviTag Technologies, LLC

Executive Summary

NaviTag Technologies, LLC [NaviTag Technologies], headquartered in Massachusetts, is a start-up company founded for the purpose of creating the first location and security monitoring solution for maritime container cargo shipments.

Our solution focuses on meeting the needs of two types of customers – companies engaged in shipping cargo worldwide and the government agencies that monitor such movements.

For the first time ever, these users will be able to securely capture and act on shipment data without relying on equipment owners and/or shipping partner integrations. This is accomplished by utilizing a removable tracking device that is affixed to the exterior of a container. Throughout the containers journey, the device will report its status and positional information to an Internet accessible central database before ultimately being removed by the recipient and returned to the owner.

Such a monitoring service is not yet available anywhere in the transportation industry, and we intend to dominate this segment.

[Confidential and proprietary information has, in some text and tables, been omitted or disguised in this sample plan.]

The Concept

The mission of NaviTag Technologies is to provide shippers or government agencies a portable, reusable device that will track cargo shipments with greater accuracy than the event-based historical systems available today.

This electronic tag will track the cargo, not the container, providing the owner with the ability to choose what cargoes are monitored. It can be introduced anywhere within the supply chain to provide the security information that government agencies are seeking to protect U.S. ports from importation of dangerous cargoes.

NaviTag Technologies core revenues will be generated from the sale of these electronic tags – a NaviTag™ – as well as access charges to retrieve the information. The number of NaviTags purchased by an individual group is dependent upon the volume of shipments requiring monitoring.

Access charges are assessed to the NaviTag owner and are established on the basis on the volume of units in operation. This fee allows access to the NaviTag network and the central database containing the positional and security alert information transmitted from the NaviTag.

The Market

We have targeted the container shipping market for several reasons. As a $120 billion industry, it offers significant growth potential. The annual unit growth of the number of containers shipped averaged 8% in the 1990’s and is forecast to increase by almost 100% by the year 2010.

In the next decade, container terminals around the world are set to experience rapid growth, with global container handling throughput expected to reach in excess of 300 million TEUs1 in 2005 and over 400 million TEUs in 2010.

Despite the growth in the container shipping industry, it still remains a very fragmented market. There are over 500 companies operating in excess of 2,500 vessels today and within the U.S. alone there are over 50,000 importing and exporting companies on record. On a worldwide basis, the number of companies engaged in international container shipments is in the hundreds of thousands.

[1] TEU – (Twenty foot equivalent unit) – an industry measurement of volume for container shipments. Containers typically are offered in twenty and forty foot dimensions. One twenty-foot container is equal to 1 TEU and one forty foot container is equal to 2 TEUs.


Jim Galley
Mr. Galley is a seasoned technology professional with over 15 years of experience in management, operations, and application and product development in technology environments. As CTO and founding member of, Mr. Galley brought the company from a business plan concept to processing transactions online in six weeks. Mr. Galley also has Fortune 50 financial experience as a technical officer, and has run a data center operation.

Bob Magown
Mr. Magown has spent twenty years serving in senior management positions with transportation-related companies. Mr. Magown was an original member of the Internet start-up and held the position of vice president of sales. For 17 years prior to joining he had built a successful career with the ocean carrier CAST (CP Ships), where he fulfilled a variety of senior sales and marketing positions including regional director east coast. Mr. Magown holds a BS degree in business management from Bryant College.

Key Financials

Market research and business model development have been completed. NaviTag Technologies is seeking to raise substantial funds by way of private equity placement in order to execute its business plan, focusing on creating the electronic tag, central database, and establishing the customer base.

NaviTag Technologies offers exceptional growth opportunities. The demand within this rapidly growing market for a unique solution in the form of a portable, cost-effective cargo tracking tool is currently untapped. Our approach of empowering the shipper with control of the positional information and the development of a selective cargo alert tool for government agencies is the solution to a clearly defined need. We have the opportunity to seize this market and we intend to move quickly to establish a market leader position. NaviTag Technologies presents an attractive opportunity that is based on solid market research and industry experience. It offers current industry players a valuable service unavailable elsewhere, resulting in immediate benefits.

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1.1 Mission

The goal of NaviTag Technologies is to provide accurate, timely information regarding the location and status of container cargo within the supply chain. Our purpose is to empower the NaviTag owner with control of the in-transit cargo visibility and security information, eliminating their reliance on third party equipment tracking systems.