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William's Environmental

Executive Summary

William’s Environmental is an underground tank removal and installation business that offers its customers a complete waste control system from start to finish. Jean William is starting William’s Environmental in response to the extraordinary housing growth in Webster County over the past three years. In addition, Webster County has approved a rebate program for replacing older septic tanks.

William’s Environmental has over twenty five years of experience in the waste management field. Prior to starting William’s Environmental, Jean served as the general contractor for Hayes Honeybucket Services for ten years. The rest of her staff have over fifteen years of experience serving customers in Webster County. Jean has developed extensive contacts with property managers, home builders and home owners.

The county projects 2,000 more housing starts for this year. Currently, there are 80,000 homes in the county, outside the city of Monroe. Of these homes 50% have underground tanks to manage waste.

Webster County recently approved a program that will assist owners of underground septic tanks that are 15 years old or older to replace their old tanks. The new program will pay up to 40% of the replacement cost. The program begins in May this year. The county estimates that 40% of these older homes have underground tanks that must be replaced in order to limit the threat of ground water contamination. This represents over 20,000 homes that need new underground tanks.

William’s Environmental plans a full assault on the homes this program is targeting. A sales person has been hired by the company to pursue this opportunity full time. William’s Environmental is offering to handle all the paper work to get the home approved for assistance. This is extremely important because a large number of these home have elderly owners.

Jean will invest personal savings in William’s Environmental. A silent partner will match Jean’s investment. In addition, she will obtain a long-term loan. 

Septic tank contractor business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

William’s Environmental has three objectives:

  • Gain a significant market share of the septic tank replacement orders.
  • Establish a strong relationship with the area’s home builders.
  • Increase sales steadily each year for the next three years.

1.2 Mission

The mission of William’s Environmental is to exceed the customer’s expectation of service and product. When the customer calls with an emergency or request, they will get the help they need, fast.