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Batten-Hatchez Security


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

To reach its target markets of building management companies and large retail businesses, Batten-Hatchez Security will use the following tactics:

  • Development of a basic "brochure" website with services and contact information
  • Advertising in trade publications read by managers in these two industries
  • Advertising online with Google AdWords around keywords for security services and security guards, especially associated with these two types of customers
  • Business cards and brochures for Chindit Batten to distribute on appointments and while networking with Coastalburg-area business networking groups
  • Direct selling work based on purchasing or developing target lists
  • Direct mail of brochures and letters to these target lists of potential clients in Coastalburg

Sales Plan

Chindit Batten will be the primary salesperson for Batten-Hatchez Security. He will meet with clients at their buildings to perform an initial consultation and will create proposals for security services based on the client’s needs. Batten will track sales prospects and clients with ACT!, a client management database system. 

Batten’s sales strategy will be to listen carefully to the needs of the client and to provide assurance through stories of his experience and a canny understanding of their needs and concerns. While his proposals may not be the lowest cost bids a potential client receives, he will follow up with care and the same personal attention that clients will receive if they move forward with using Batten-Hatchez Security.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Key Metrics

Our Key Metrics are:

  1. The number of retweets and twitter follows. Our customers are constantly chatting with each other and us to figure out how people feel about us 
  2. Our blog views and shares. We demonstrate our knowledge by writing expert posts about security. The number of people who visit our site will give us a idea of how our blog subjects mix with our customer’s concerns. 
  3. Market research – Keep a pretty good idea of what our competitors are doing and how much they are charging. This allows our customer service to sell our customer service on our specific services 
  4. # of customer recommendations on Facebook and twitter and professional service sites. 
  5. # of training certificates and how that affects how much people are willing to pay.