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Scholarship Assist

Web Plan Summary

ScholarshipAssist will have a website as a way to disseminate information to prospective customers. A website is a very cost effective means for broadcasting information because it allows people to browse the material at their own leisure at whatever time is convenient for them. It also allows them to answer their questions without much help from ScholarshipAssist.  Without the website the company would be overwhelmed with phone calls requiring more and more hours of ScholarshipAssist employees. The site will present people with a list of offered services, case studies of helped clients, and accomplishments of the firm.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

ScholarshipAssist is well aware of the fact that just because a company has a website does not mean that is any value since nobody might be visiting it. With this in mind, ScholarshipAssist will work hard to increase traffic on the site. All of the printed material that ScholarshipAssist uses will make reference to the site and encourage visitors. ScholarshipAssist will also be diligent in website submission. This is extremely important so that if a student is looking for these types of services but is not familiar with ScholarshipAssist specifically, they will still be hooked up with ScholarshipAssist.

6.2 Development Requirements

Development of the site will be handled by M.I.T. computer science students who are generally quite effective, yet work at below market rates.