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Blue Sky Satellite Communications

Management Summary

Blue Sky is owned and operated by its founders. It is a small company with a minimum command hierarchy and a maximum of community spirit and cooperation. Despite the loose style, we are still organized by function, and the business is done with logic and order.

6.1 Organizational Structure

The team consists of 4 employees under 1 director.

Our main focus is on sales and efficient billing. Marketing and promotions are outsourced to specialized firms.

6.2 Personnel Plan

The plan with the personnel is to increase the company size at least 20 people. The main additions will be in sales personnel, in-house customer support which would run constantly (24-7), and a technical support department.

Personnel Plan
2001 2002 2003
Pedro Camacho $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Staff $80,040 $80,040 $80,040
Total People 12 12 12
Total Payroll $110,040 $110,040 $110,040