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Pita Pal

Management Summary

Steve Jones is the driving force behind Pita Pal. Steve has lived in Washington, PA for the last four years while studying for his Bachelor of Arts from Washington and Jefferson College. Steve’s introduction to the restaurant industry came at the early age of 14 when he worked in his family’s restaurant in Cleveland.

While pursuing his degree Steve was a server at a fine dining restaurant called Angelo’s, where he received more insight into the restaurant industry. He enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Program which combined coursework with speakers and empirical experience. For lucky few, it also provided them with a low interest loan which if the business fails does not personally obligate the borrower to repay.

While Steve became more and more active in this program, he began to realize that he would not be truly happy unless he was operating his own business. He also realized that he would be most effective if he worked within the restaurant industry due to all of his experience as well as the wealth of contacts that he had access to because of his parent’s business. With this in mind, at the end of the last semester of his last year, Steve applied for the a loan through the Entrepreneurship Program and was pleasantly surprised that he won. Steve has written a business plan in response to the application requirements for the loans, however by the time the loan was awarded, many months had passed and Steve felt the need to rewrite the plan before beginning the business. He undertook this task and the business has begun.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Steve will be the main employee of Pita Pal. For the first two months of operation, Steve will be the sole employee. During this period he will oversee the finishing touches on the retail space, will develop the product recipes, and will establish vendor relationships. Month three will mark the first month of sales. Steve will have at least two employees present during open hours. Steve will also have one employee working 1.5 hours before opening to help with food prep and both employees for .5-1 hour after closing. As business ramps, Steve will employ additional employees to help out with food prep, front restaurant help, as well as back kitchen activities such as dishes and clean up.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Steve $24,000 $27,000 $30,000
employee 1 $9,000 $10,800 $10,800
employee 2 $9,000 $10,800 $10,800
employee 3 $7,200 $10,800 $10,800
employee 4 $5,400 $10,800 $10,800
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $54,600 $70,200 $73,200