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Marketing & Sales


Overture is for consultants who want a start-to-finish solution — that manages scope creep — for consulting engagements and client relationships.  We address the pain points of:

  • Building proposals combining standard components and specific details.
  • Transparent engagement management based on progress, steps, deliverables.
  • Scope creep as clients use the approval process to expand the scope.

Decision-maker is not inclined to do a lot of competitive comparisons but may do some searching for some solutions to the specific problem. We’ll be targeting these core keywords:

  • Scope creep
  • Consulting management
  • Client management
  • Client relationships

Scope creep should be especially productive because this is what we do that no competing software does well. 

Marketing and Sales Plan

Initial Strategy:

  1. Focus on lead generation within our website and social media. Test positioning to learn what potential customers respond to. Find 4-6 target verticals to market. Establish 6-10 local companies, inside the target verticals, to pilot.
  2. Tailored marketing programs to the 4-6 target verticals using social media and website.

Paid Search

  • PPC, remarketing, social, Linkedin, etc.
  • App/Review networks: AppSumo, G2 Crowd, TopTenReviews, etc.

Content Marketing 

  • Goal: Generate leads
  • Strategy:  Attract target consultants by transparently sharing the problems and solutions related to managing engagements and particularly scope creep. And of course include related client proposal, management, productivity, and email tips.
  • Blog 
    • Business productivity and process optimization
    • Email tactics
    • Email statistics
    • Email productivity hacks
    • Communication advice/how-to
  • Whitepapers/lead-gen downloads


  • Traditional prospecting for consultants and consulting firms
  • Scrape for content related to scope creep

Secure testimonials or influencers

Self Service Sales 

  • Web site and sign-up process
  • Engagement marketing during free trial
  • Sales calls to free trials depending on lead score


Locations & Facilities

We believe in remote work. Our founders live in the Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Portland. Nobody has to move. We can hire the best of the best, from wherever they live. Two early hires will be living in Slovenia, another in Chile. Our first non-founder marketing hire lives in Austin, TX.

We work with Slack, Skype, Google Docs, email, and phones.


No need for details here; the demo shows it all. We combine some open-source, some licensable tools, and some proprietary components to bring together the best possible combination of managing content and data together in documents, tables, charts, and alerts and reminders.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table


Milestone Due Date Who’s Responsible
Alpha launch November 05, 2019 Matt
Legal docs 1 November 29, 2019 Lupe
Beta launch January 07, 2020 Matt
Angel investment campaign starts January 15, 2020 Lupe
Subscriber launch April 08, 2020 Matt
Angel investment initial “yes” May 05, 2020 Lupe
Reach100 Subscribers December 15, 2020 Shanna
Begin VC campaign January 05, 2021 Lupe
Land VC funding May 26, 2021 Lupe
500 subscribers June 15, 2021 Shanna

Key Metrics

  • Churn
  • LTV
  • CAC
  • Infrastructure cost
  • LTV:CAC (unit economics)
  • Upgrade revenue