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Retail Discount Store Business Plan

Strategy and Implementation Summary

The Dollar Store uses a strategy of total market service. Our promise is in our location and the products we sell, the people we attract, and the atmosphere we create.

We will present a store that is pleasant to shop in with a large variety of merchandise to choose from.

Ultimately, we are selling more than just merchandise. We are selling ourselves. We want to provide the kind of customer service that will provide an atmosphere that creates a positive shopping experience for our customers.

Strategic Assumptions:

  1. Every person with income limitations or on fixed incomes is a potential customer.
  2. Marketing to these segments of the population will lead to an expansion in overall market growth.

5.1 Competitive Edge

Our location is a very important competitive edge. We are located in the popular Riverway Mall which has a high appeal to many different kinds of consumers. There is a good mix of high and low end shops with several quality restaurants near by. With easy access from Main St. the Riverway Mall is a popular destination not only for Bend residents, but for people commuting from Redmond and the outlying areas.

Another competitive edge we will have over our competition is the large variety of merchandise we will carry. With the sources we are working with it will be possible to carry many name brand items at a discount price. Add a staff committed to providing great customer service and the Dollar Store will be an attractive stop for the consumer.

5.2 Marketing Strategy

The Dollar Store will benchmark our objectives for sales promotion and mass selling.

We are focusing our marketing effort on the community of consumers that want a store which has an interesting variety of merchandise at bar gin prices. We will implement a strategy that treats these customers as a community. This means our marketing resources will be centered around both sales promotions (events, displays) and personal sales (customer service, friendly atmosphere).

  • We will stay within our marketing budget.
  • Marketing promotions will be consistent with the Mission Statement.

5.3 Sales Strategy

Employees are paid a straight wage but can achieve a semi-yearly bonus based on profits and customer satisfaction rates.

All potential sales will be attended to in a timely fashion and long-term salesperson-customer relationships will take precedence over sales closure.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

The following table and chart give a run-down on forecasted sales. We expect sales to increase at a rate of 10% by April. We would like to see another increase of 10% by August.

We expect to experience a steady growth throughout our first year even though we are a new business enterprise. As we become more familiar to the public we expect to gain more market share and would like to see progressive growth as we head into the following year. The Dollar Store, with an aggressive marketing approach expects to increase its share of the market by offering a unique option to discount shopping.

Note: For company purchases, the per-unit price of inventory purchases includes cost of shipping.

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Perishable Items $113,500 $136,200 $163,440
Non-Perishible Items $212,000 $254,400 $305,280
Total Sales $325,500 $390,600 $468,720
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Perishable Items $56,750 $68,100 $81,720
Non-Perishable Items $106,000 $127,200 $152,640
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $162,750 $195,300 $234,360

5.4 Milestones

The milestone table shows how the responsibilities break down in the start up of our store. Ted Brinkman will head up the drafting of the business plan and will conduct the drive to secure funding. Jim Spencer will work to secure a site for the store and will handle the details with the personnel plan. Our accountant Dick Garret will set up our accounting plan.

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Business Plan 1/1/2003 2/3/2003 $1,000 Brinkman Owner
Secure Start Up Funding 2/17/2003 4/3/2003 $500 Brinkman Owner
Site Selection 3/1/2003 4/22/2003 $1,500 Spencer Management
Personal Plan 6/4/2003 6/21/2003 $500 Spencer Management
Accounting Plan 7/8/2003 7/19/2003 $1,000 Tollman Accounting
Totals $4,500

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