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Tennis Master Pro Shops, Inc.

Management Summary

This section presents both the credentials and experience of Tennis Master’s management team, the future personnel needs of the company, projections of personnel costs, and the gaps in management that will need to be filled.

6.1 Organizational Structure

Tennis Master’s franchise and general management team will be headquartered in Anytown, Washington.

Company owned stores will report to the Corporate Store Operations Manager.

Each store will be staffed as follows:

  1. General Manager (USTA Pro) and head instructor.
  2. Sales Manager/Asst. General Mgr.
  3. Two to four Trainers/Operators (in accordance with hourly demand).
  4. Receptionist/Administrator/Scheduler.
  5. Racket maker/repair.

The payroll of individual stores is included in Appendix “E” (Note: this is a customer-included appendix; not part of a standard plan).

6.2 Management Team

The key management personnel of Tennis Master Pro Shops, Inc. are the following:

John Jones, Jr. (34)–Chairman, CEO
John Jones is the founder of Tennis Master. Has been responsible for originating the concept, operating the Anytown retail store, and marketing the franchises to date. Previously Mr. Jones founded a Home Medical Equipment Company which he sold to a national firm. Prior to that he spent 11 years with [name omitted], Inc. a regional human resource company advancing to Vice President of Industrial Services. Mr. Jones is active in many numerous civic, church, and political organizations. He has a BBA in Marketing from Anytown College (1985).

Doug Smith (48)–Secretary, General Counsel, and Director
Mr. Smith is also a founder of Tennis Master. He is a partner of Smith, Doe, & Johnson, P.C. of Anytown, Washington. Mr. Smith is active in civic, business, and professional organizations. He is a member of the Forum on Health Law of the American Bar Association and the National Health Lawyers Association. Mr. Smith also serves on the board of governors of the State Bar of Washington and is a member of the National Association of Bond lawyers. Mr. Smith holds Bachelor of Business Administration (1970) and Juris Doctor (1973) degrees from the University of Washington.

James J. Clark (48)–Vice-President, Corporate Development
Mr. Clark is the principal and founder of [name omitted], an investment advisory firm in Anytown, Wa. He also serves as Chief Operating Officer of [name omitted], Inc. Mr. Clark’s background includes middle management positions in Sales and Marketing with [name omitted] Company and the [name omitted], Inc. in both Chicago and New York. He has also held senior management positions with three different development stage companies with responsibility for P & L, Strategic Planning, and Capitalization. Mr. Clark has a BBA in Marketing from the [name omitted].

6.3 Management Team Gaps

The following management personnel will need to be added to our team to effectively grow at the rate projected. Some candidates have already been identified for these positions.

  • Controller/Systems Administrator.
  • Director of Marketing.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Store Operations Manager.
  • Training Manager.
  • Warehouse/Distribution Manager.
  • Franchise Sales Director.

6.4 Personnel Plan

The following table illustrates the personnel needs and salary projections for the next three years. Company owned store salaries are grouped together as one entry. All positions are phased in as needed. The personnel burden for taxes and benefits is 22%.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Production Personnel
Wholesale Distribution Mgr. $25,000 $30,000 $32,000
Distribution Asst. $7,500 $15,000 $16,500
Customer Service $15,000 $18,000 $19,500
Subtotal $47,500 $63,000 $68,000
Sales and Marketing Personnel
Franchise Sales Dir. $44,000 $48,000 $48,000
Franchise Salesperson $22,500 $30,000 $0
Director of Marketing $30,000 $36,000 $40,000
Subtotal $96,500 $114,000 $88,000
General and Administrative Personnel
CEO $72,000 $84,000 $90,000
VP Corp. Dev. $60,000 $66,000 $72,000
CFO $0 $72,000 $76,000
Controller/Systems Admin. $40,000 $48,000 $54,000
Store Operations Mgr. $33,000 $42,000 $48,000
Training Mgr. $25,000 $33,000 $36,000
Administrative Asst. $15,000 $18,000 $19,500
Subtotal $245,000 $363,000 $395,500
Other Personnel
Salaries, Company Stores $518,400 $1,296,000 $1,620,000
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $518,400 $1,296,000 $1,620,000
Total People 13 14 13
Total Payroll $907,400 $1,836,000 $2,171,500