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Puddle Jumpers Airline

Management Summary

The management of Puddle Jumpers is highly experienced. There is no one on the management team who has not already performed his or her function for another airline. We are not in the business of training key people. We intend to hit the ground running with a highly qualified and experienced management team. Some of the individuals profiled are currently with other airline companies. They both know and respect Ken Smith and have expressed the desire to work for him and for Puddle Jumpers.

Ken Smith is both known and respected by the F.A.A. regional officers in Anytown as well as at the Federal level in Washington. He enjoys similar status with key D.O.T. officers. The management of Puddle Jumpers is well versed in all governmental approval procedures, having traversed them in the past to a full approval and operational status. We feel that the resumes of the key people enclosed herein will only enhance our ability to obtain required approvals. It is expected to be a necessity from this point forward to have such a management team assembled in order to obtain the government charters from the D.O.T. and from the F.A.A.

The bios of the management team follow.

6.1 Organizational Structure

The company will be organized into five major operational areas:

  1. Flight Operations.
  2. Maintenance.
  3. Financial.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Customer Service.

Many of the specific positions and job descriptions are government mandated. Puddle Jumpers will fully comply with all such mandates.

6.2 Management Team

The following are the bios and ages of the key members of Puddle Jumpers’s management team:

KENNETH D. SMITH, President & CEO, 51

Ken Smith has 28 years of aviation experience beginning with his career in the U.S. Air Force, where he ultimately attained the rank of Captain. Ken was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, two Commendation Medals, and six Air Medals for his contributions as a pilot in the Vietnam War. When Ken left the Air Force in 1976 he was the Director of Flight Training Programs at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He has served as Chief Flight Instructor for Flight International Training School and as a pilot for Braniff Airlines. Ken then served as Executive Vice President and General Manager for Aerostar Airlines, leading a turn-around that enabled Aerostar to be acquired by Flight International in 1984.

Ken then became General Manager of Connie Jones Services, an air cargo airline which he expanded from five to twenty aircraft. He was then recruited by Aero Corporation where he became Vice President of Marketing for Aero’s worldwide aircraft maintenance services.

Ken became President and CEO of Private Jet in January 1991. In less than two years Ken’s leadership took Private Jet from a single aircraft to a fleet of 15 and revenue of more than $130 million dollars.

Ken then helped Eagle Airlines start-up and has also served as a consultant to the start-up of Nations Air.

JAMES B. JONES, Executive Vice President, 49

Mr. Jones has thirty years of flying experience including distinguished military service. He has been chief pilot, Director of Operations, and General Manager of Air Nevada Airlines, a commuter carrier. He has also served as Director of Operations and Director of Training for Eagle Airlines.

GREER CLARK, Vice President, Operations, 56

Mr. Clark has taken early retirement from Delta Airlines. He has since served as Chief Pilot for America International Airlines, and as Vice President, Operations for Private Jet and for Eagle Airlines. Currently, he is Manager, Flight Test for ValuJet.

DON ADAMS, Vice President, Maintenance, 47

Mr. Adams is an Aeronautical Engineer from Australia. He has served as Vice President of Ansett Airlines. He was Vice President of Technical Services for Intercredit Corporation, an aircraft leasing company. Currently, he is Vice President of Avitas, one of the world’s leading aviation consulting companies. He is presently on loan to the National Transportation Safety Board investigating the American Airlines B757 crash in Columbia.

BRUCE WING, Vice President, Finance, 50

Mr. Wing is a CPA who has been a Vice President with First Chicago Bank. He has previously served as CFO of United Express, the commuter division of United Airlines as well as CFO of Private Jet.

PAUL BERRY, Director of Operations, 57

Mr. Berry is a retired Air Force Colonel. Colonel Berry served as General Swartzkoph’s Tanker Task Force Commander for Desert Storm. Mr. Berry is currently Director of Operations at America International Airlines.

TERRY MCADAMS, Chief Pilot, 57

Mr. McAdams served as a pilot with Eastern Airlines for more than 25 years. He later served as Chief Pilot for Private Jet and is the Chief Pilot for ValuJet. Mr. McAdams is typed on the B727, DC-9, and MD-80 aircraft.

SALVATORE DIANGELO, Director of Maintenance, 41

Mr. Diangelo has been in aircraft maintenance in the military, at People’s Express Airlines, and at Continental Airlines. At Continental Mr. Diangelo was responsible for preparing the maintenance budget for the entire fleet. He has also served as Director of Maintenance for ValuJet.

CALVIN COBLE, Director of Quality Assurance, 42

Mr. Coble served his apprenticeship in the military. He is qualified as a Class III Inspector, which requires both extensive training and recommendation from his peers at the FAA. Mr. Coble has served as Director of Quality Assurance at Shannon Aerospace, a large maintenance facility operated by Lufthansa and Swiss Air in Shannon, Ireland.

JIM BEND, Director of Marketing, 49

Mr. Bend has over fifteen years as Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Airlines. He received numerous awards for his sales performance while at Eastern. He has also served as Director of Sales at Private Jet.

JUDY LAND, Director of Reservations, 38

Ms. Land has more than 10 years experience as Reservations Manager at Eastern Airlines. She has also helped with design and implementation of the reservations system at Private Jet and at World Technologies. She has received numerous awards for her motivational training seminars.

MARY ANN BENNETT, Director of In-flight Services, 43

Ms. Bennett served as a flight attendant at Eastern Airlines and went on to open her own travel agency. She joined Private Jet as a supervisor of flight attendants and was later promoted to Director.

6.3 Personnel Plan

The following table illustrates personnel needs and growth plans for both key executives and category needs by group. It is expected that all key executives will participate in the company’s stock option plan as well.

NOTE: For display purposes in this sample plan, numerical values in tables and charts are shown in thousands (000’s).

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Chief Executive Officer $96 $96 $108
Executive Vice President $42 $84 $96
V.P. Operations $36 $72 $84
V.P. Maintenance $36 $72 $78
V.P. Finance $30 $60 $66
Director of Operations $20 $60 $66
Director of Maintenance $20 $60 $66
Chief Pilot $18 $72 $78
Director of Sales/Marketing $10 $60 $66
Director of Quality Assurance $8 $48 $56
Director of Reservations $8 $48 $54
Director of In-flight Services $8 $48 $52
Flight Crews $0 $4,221 $5,614
Reservations $0 $860 $1,144
Maintenance $0 $950 $1,264
Operations/Training/G&A $0 $1,035 $1,376
Sales/Marketing $0 $180 $240
Finance/Accounting $0 $360 $480
Other $0 $125 $150
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $332 $8,511 $11,138