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Play Time for Kids

Web Plan Summary

The Play Time for Kids website will be the virtual brochure for the company, as well as its online “home.”

It will showcase the company’s value proposition and reinforce the qualifications and experience of the organization and staff, as well as provide a comprehensive overview of the services provided to potential and current clients. The site may also provide access to online parent resources and a community calendar.

The key to the website strategy will be combining a very well designed front-end, with a back-end capable of collecting contact information for continued communication with those interested in our services.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The Play Time for Kids website address will be used on all corporate and promotional materials. The website should be used to support all the newly developed messages and should have “active” content that brings people back to the site as an information resource. This activity will be supported by the marketing plan through the development of newsletters, promotional events, and public relations.

6.2 Development Requirements

The Play Time for Kids website will be initially developed by a professional marketing agency that provides creative design and technical development resources. ABC Communications will create and maintain the website, DEF Hosting will host the site and provide the technical back end. The company will maintain a simple, user-friendly interface that is fun and inviting to our target audience. The website logos and graphics will be consistent with printed promotional materials.