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Play Time for Kids

Strategy and Implementation Summary

The company will succeed by offering its clients’ children a safe and secure care environment, and close personal attention. The goals of the center are dual-sided: to help parents feel good about the care of their children, and to make it a safe, educational, and fun experience for the child.

5.1 Competitive Edge

Play Time for Kids’ services will be positioned to provide customers with a premium amusement and edutainment experience:

  • Charge a premium price (per industry standards) but not exceed what the market can bear
  • Obtain all appropriate licensing and certifications
  • Thorough pre-hire background screenings performed on all individuals before hired for employment
  • Innovative, unique birthday parties
  • The personal-touch in a family-friendly atmosphere that only Play Time for Kids can provide
  • Play groups, as well as the wealth of child development knowledge, delivered by the Play Time for Kids employees
  • The convenience of drop-in play care, in the same location where parents can take fitness classes

5.2 Marketing Strategy

The company’s marketing strategy is focused on establishing our brand and promoting our image through a variety of marketing channels.  An overview of our marketing strategy includes:

Logo & Identity Development. A professional logo has been developed. This brand will be promoted through a broad mix of identity pieces including business cards, stationery, car signage, and other communications.

Partnership Programs. The company will develop community partnerships to offer discounts to the clients of other businesses that cater to our target market, such as:

  • Local hospitals which provide birthing classes
  • Local fitness centers without child care
  • Local elementary schools (there are 15 within a 10-mile radius)
  • Pediatrics offices, pediatric dentistry and pediatric orthodontist offices

Brochures.  A brochure will be designed to communicate our presence, the services we offer, and the clients we serve in the community. 

Flyers.  Flyers will be designed for posting at community locations that attract high traffic volumes of consumers within our target market, such as:

  • Local grocery stores and dry cleaners
  • OB/Gyn offices
  • Local child care centers
  • Local children’s clothing stores (i.e., Kid to Kid and Babies R Us)
  • Local stores that carry children’s items (i.e., Target, Wal-Mart, and Kohl’s)
  • Local children’s programs (Keller Point, Emler Swim Center, YMCA, and Texas Tumblers Gymnastics, Dance centers)
  • Libraries ~ children’s books section
  • Local bookstores ~ children’s book section (i.e., Barnes and Noble, and Teachers Tools)
  • Fitness Centers ~ child care area (if they have one)

Advertising.  Ads will be placed in publications that cater to the demographics of our target market, including:

  • Big City Child
  • Dallas Child
  • Positively Parenting
  • Kids Directory

Public Relations.  As owners, we will promote our company and it’s benefits to the community through efforts to have articles published in new media and efforts to gain coverage on local radio and television programming. Potential media outlets include:

  • Big City Star-Telegram Newspaper
  • Big City Child: A magazine serving families of Our County
  • Big City Small Business Times
  • Womens Directory
  • Local schools PTA newsletters

Direct Mail.  Direct mail channels will be used to initially introduce our presence to the community and attract first time visitors. The need for this type of advertising will taper off as repeat and referral business increases.

Website.  All brochures, flyers and other marketing tools will promote our website, detailing our services that benefit the community. Our website will also provide all information about us, our operational hours, schedules of events, and a registration form for online enrollment.

Email.  Email will be used to connect with our clients frequently through monthly newsletters and updates on upcoming events and special offers.

Events.  Special events, including a grand opening and special holiday parties, will be promoted to increase visibility in the community and to attract first time or infrequent visitors.

5.3 Sales Strategy

The company will make its primary profit through the excellent play care and edutainment of children. Even though our pricing strategies are set at competitive levels, the company expects to gain revenue within the first year by word-of-mouth advertising. The company expects to double its clientele every 6 months during the first 18 months after opening for business.

Play Time for Kids offers a unique solution that will be introduced to the market through targeted advertising, direct mail, website optimization and direct sales. The venue provides families the ability to enjoy their leisure time participating in activities together or leaving their children to explore on their own.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

The strongest revenue during the first quarter of operation will be birthday party sales and membership fees. Afterwards, word-of-mouth and local advertising will gain market share for the company, with parents using the daily drop-in service, day cares using it as a field trip destination, and monthly holiday-themed parties.

We anticipate increasing margins in years two and three, through greater efficiency and obtaining bulk rates on paper products.

Recreation center business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Recreation center business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Birthday party A $203,864 $244,637 $293,564
Birthday Party B $289,701 $347,641 $417,169
Free Play with parents $18,240 $21,888 $26,266
Membership fee $21,288 $25,546 $30,655
Drop-in Playcare $30,177 $36,212 $43,455
Total Sales $563,271 $675,924 $811,109
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Birthday Paper Products $49,356 $53,305 $63,966
Birthday foods and beverages $34,550 $35,537 $35,537
Media Rental for Parties (movies, karaoke) $64,163 $76,996 $92,395
CDs for Parties $240 $320 $366
Costume Rentals $2,468 $2,961 $3,554
Cakes $24,678 $35,607 $42,728
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $175,456 $204,726 $238,546