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Management Summary

The management is one of our strongest points in this plan. Our Internet-based service allows for automation to be our key asset. This virtual office is the most automated office environment known in the industry. Our planning has been based on servicing all clients using an Internet-based system allowing for a very low overhead. This process, though expensive in the beginning, will allow us to realize unbelievable profit over the years.

Our ability to keep each state-represented office to a mere three full-time personnel, and the corporate office to 13 employees allows us to man the entire country with a staff of 163-170 personnel. The traditional office holds an average of three personnel per office with the average office, servicing only 30 agents.

To put this in another light, in Illinois there are over 42,000 agents with over 45,000 offices. The average office employs three full-time personnel and one part-time employee for a total of 13,500 full-time employees. A fully-staffed, National Amerihall corporate presence will need no more then 200 employees to service up to 525,000 agents, or one employee for every 2,625 agents. This compares to the national average of one employee for every 3.1 agents. This figure amounts to millions of dollars in savings and just by design, no other established real estate company in the world can compete.

5.1 Personnel Plan

From the outset, our staff will be kept to a bare minimum and replaced at every opportunity by automation. The key to our success is dependent on our ability to provide high quality service at a low cost. The best way to accomplish our goals is with the use of automated database applications and the Internet.

The following table summarizes our personnel expenditures for the first three years, with compensation increasing from less than $240,000 for the first year to over $2.1 million in the third. We believe this plan is a equitable balance between fairness and expedience, and meets the commitment of our mission statement.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Secretary Corporate $24,000 $50,000 $150,000
Director of Conventions/Sales $11,250 $45,000 $47,000
National Convention Staff $12,500 $40,000 $85,000
Online Help $0 $60,000 $62,000
Director of Realest® Relations $64,996 $65,000 $75,000
Clerical Secretary $13,336 $120,000 $400,000
Managing Director $69,996 $120,000 $130,000
Regional Sales Administrator $0 $120,000 $400,000
Managing Broker $36,000 $240,000 $800,000
Total People 7 9 41
Total Payroll $232,078 $860,000 $2,149,000

5.2 Management Team

David Hall, Managing  Director, before founding Amerihall, was the founder of Hall Properties Reality, Inc., which was derived from family-owned real estate holdings. Hall Properties was located in Chicago for 15 years before moving to the NW suburbs and ultimately settling in Prospect Heights. David’s expertise has been in the medical industry originating from a 10-year service with Chicago. Fire Department where he served as a Paramedic officer. During his tenure he studied computer sciences and became an expert in office automation techniques where he finally developed several computer oriented real estate services.

Ellisa Hall, Director Of Realest® Relations, was originally hired to take over management of the office staff and bookkeeping. Ellisa has a long employment history in management positions. She is familiarizing us with the positive and negative aspects of the major real estate companies, knowledge gained from her search for perfecting a smooth office operations system. Ellisa spent 5 years exploring all of the companies through hands on employment as office manager. These companies ranged from small, individually owned operations, to large corporate offices handling up to 60 agents per office. The largest was a privately owned company holding 43  individual offices with as many as 800 agents. Ellisa is the undisputable leader in her field and has insight to the needs of the average real estate agent.

We intend to hire two full-time realtors to handle office duties and client relations. We also plan to extend the staff to include an Internet server administrator and marketing personnel to service our advertising.