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Business Controls

The following is a brief outlook into control issues pertaining to this new concept. Amerihall recognizes that many issues will present themselves that will need to be addressed from the outset. This is just a preliminary summary of the most obvious of situations. Our staff is ready and willing to make all appropriate changes as the needs arise.

7.1 Quality Control

We will be developing outlined scripts to help the sales staff manage inquiries. This will insure that all incoming phone calls are dealt with in the same way and meet a high standard.

  • We will encourage people inquiring about our real estate office to be familiar with basic software including the function of the typical duties in real estate.
  • Their ability to access the Web using Windows 98 and Internet Explorer software.
  • Negotiate the MLSNI website and perform basic listing tasks over the Internet.
  • Have a working knowledge of all real estate form and contracts.
  • Must be a licensed Realtor.
  • All agents, upon initiation into the company, will receive a designation of Realest®. The designation will place our agents in a catagory of their own.

7.2 Capacity

We can accommodate an unlimited amount of realtors (Note: all realtors’ licenses must be displayed on a wall plaque in the office). Our office can accommodate up to 1,000 agents before our need for new facilities. The capacity is only limited by the amount of clerical staff needed to manage their accounts.

7.3 Long-term Goals

The financial objective is to be operating at, or close to, break-even cash flow within the first three months with steady growth over the next five years. We aim to be profitable from year one onward. Our goal is to earn at least $4 million post tax profit in year one and nearly $45 million in year three. Our profit margin on sales by year three will be a more than respectable figure over 55%.

The future goals, as far as the market is concerned, is 25% of the total market share. This is a conservative estimate and is based on need as well as competitive edge. The only possible effect an outside source may have on our future is if a competitor may be allowed to duplicate our process. A large emphasis must be put on establishing our patents and defending them upon completion.

The future is totally left up to our imaginations and knowing that the trillion dollar real estate market is open ended with the development of new technology.

7.4 Steps for Achieving Goals

Amerihall’s strategy for achieving our goals consists of seven major points:

  • Establish an extensive public relations campaign.
  • Develop a user-friendly website to promote relator services.
  • Deliver superior sales through technology.
  • Provide high quality customer service.
  • Provide inexpensive answers for servicing the real estate industry through automation.
  • Offer competitive pricing on all services.
  • Realest® Designation.

The first step to achieving our goal is to hire experienced, service oriented personnel who will provide all manual duties that cannot be automated, directing state-of-the-art services through Internet access, and providing key services at reasonable prices.

7.5 Risks Associated with Growth

We see some risks associated with our expected growth:

  • Our ability to handle our Web capacity.
  • Loss of clientele by not being able to handle volume.
  • Inability to supply services due to untried technology.
  • The attention associated with fast expansion can lead to scrutiny by the licensing agencies of the government.
  • The risk factor facing the expansion of Amerihall may ultimately be competition. In order to sustain our position in the area as the “Premiere Real Estate Service,” we will need to outperform all other companies by using technology creatively and supplying these services at a very low price to our agents.