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MSN Real Estate



Ownership & Structure

MSN Real Estate will be created as a Limited Liability Corporation based out of Portland, Oregon. It will be owned by its principal investors, Shawn Menashe and Nathan Koach. Shawn Menashe is the acting CEO and holds a 40% stake in the company. Nathan Koach is the acting CFO and holds a 40% share of the company as well. The other 20% is held by silent investors


Management team

MSN Real Estate is completely departmentalized. The main departments are finance, marketing, management, and research and development. Nate Koach, co-owner of the company, assumes the responsibilities of the CFO, while his counterpart, Shawn Menashe, will be responsible for the duties of CEO. The company will make all decisions in accordance with the company mission. Employees are delegated tasks based upon their specialty.

Every six months, the two top partners will assess the results of these tasks, and the personality of the employee involved, to determine promotion and/or salary issues.

Management Team Gaps

The present team requires business development and administrative support. Most of the partners have been working in business environments where this kind of support was provided to them as part of a larger organization.

MSN will turn to Dynamic Public Relations to help create business development programs, such as speaking opportunities and magazine article insertions, as well as forums and seminars that are important to our ongoing development.

Regarding administration, we need a strong finance manager to guard cash flow. Our partners are not accustomed to the worries of cash flow, but they have the sense to listen to reason and deal with constraints if the finance manager provides the proper information.