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PRfect Greens

Web Plan Summary

The website will be used as a resource for developing visibility, disseminating information such as a portfolio of past projects and case studies, as well as a way that prospective customers can contact PRfect Greens.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The marketing of the website will incorporate the following actions:

  • Search engine submission. For all prospective customers that are unaware of PRfect Greens and are using the Internet to research the possible service solutions to their problem, PRfect Greens will professionally submit their site individually to all of the popular search engines so that PRfect Greens’ site appears at the top of the search list.
  • Advertising of the site through the various written materials that PRfect Greens will disseminate to prospective customers.

6.2 Development Requirements

The website development will be the product of a University of Oregon computer science graduate student.  The utilization of the graduate student will be used because of their technical competence as well as their below-market rates that they typically charge as a student.