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R and R Printing

Products and Services

R & R Printing provides print media and related services. We are especially focused on providing the broadest possible types of print media, in addition to our knowledge and expertise of the print industry.

3.1 Product and Service Description

R & R Printing is a full service agency that sells printing and related services. Products such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, booklets, business forms, posters, catalogues and labels are manufactured and delivered on a timely and cost effective basis. The added value of R & R Printing is its knowledge and expertise. Printing needs are evaluated and assessed; ideas and solutions are offered for each client to meet their individual needs. Most companies require a number of varied print media in order operate, market, and communicate efficiently on a daily basis.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

The print industry is competitive. The way we differ is to define the vision of the company to be a reliable and informative ally to our clients. Most printing companies can only afford a small variety of printing equipment, therefore can only offer a limited type of print media. We maintain close contact with several print manufacturers, paper distributors, and graphic specialists in order to offer most any type of printing on any type of paper at a competitive price. We know where to turn for all types of printing, this saves our clients money and time that would be wasted searching this broad field for each precise need.

3.3 Sales Literature

The business will begin with an introductory letter to all former and prospective clients sharing our exciting news of the creation of our business. We will include our business cards with each letter to ensure easy access to our business number, mobile numbers, fax number, email address and physical address. This letter will be developed as part of the start-up expenses.

3.4 Fulfillment

R & R Printing has established relationships with several trade-only print companies and paper distribution companies. Two of the trade-only print companies and three of the paper distribution companies have been selected as our primary vendors. We have been able to identify opportunities to capture margins of up to 45% for certain parties. Sourcing opportunities will be continually evaluated.

3.5 Technology

We use QuickBooks Pro™ software for accounting, purchasing, taxes, estimating, and invoicing. Act 2000™ is a sales based software that enables us to keep track and effectively manage client accounts. Talkworks Pro™ is a communication software that acts as voice mail, fax machine, and message notification, so that we can keep in close contact with our clients and vendors. These three previously mentioned software programs integrate with each other so to minimize redundancy.

Our business plan will be generated on an annual basis using Business Plan Pro™ software, and will be evaluated quarterly.

Most printing customers provide artwork on electronic digital files. We will maintain contacts with vendors who use the most current versions of graphics, printing, and publishing software from such companies as Adobe®, Corel®, Broderbund®, among others. This allows for the artwork to be recreated exactly to the clients specifications.

3.6 Future Products and Services

Within the next year we will implement a website for R & R Printing to process quote request and repeat orders.