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4 Moons Pizzeria

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Emphasize service
We will differentiate ourselves with SERVICE! We will establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for our target market.

Build a relationship-oriented business
Build long-term relationships with customers, not single-visit deals. Become their restaurant and destination of choice. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

Focus on target markets
We need to focus our offerings on specific population groups as the key market segment we should own. We do not want to compete for the buyers who go to “fast food” or “take and bake” types of restaurants. We definitely want to be able to sell to smart, quality conscious customers.

Utilize the various skills of our Managing Owners and learn through the extensive training program provided by Franchisor.

5.1 Competitive Edge

Clearly our competitive edge will be our customer service experience and management approach. Our smiling, unassuming, and good natured approach to all of our customers will be evident, and highly appreciated.

We will constantly monitor our product to ensure quality food and beverage at all times. Our recipes are delicious, made fresh daily, and our toppings go all the way to the edge of the pizza crust.

5.2 Marketing Strategy

We will start our marketing during the construction phase. Our main factor in success is simply that a person can enjoy a good pizza, fast service, and friendly familiar faces.

We will all be involved in Sales and Marketing. We will gather information about the neighborhoods, use our POS System to track top sellers and gather a customer base for marketing offers.

  • Kids school tours
  • Gift Certificate Program
  • Phone book advertisement
  • Coupons
  • Door hangers
  • Sporting events for schools and group events
  • Eye catching signage
  • Excellent service and high quality food
  • Word of mouth

5.3 Sales Strategy

The marketing strategy discussed previously in this business plan will generate the desired sales.

We require our staff  to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the menus, ingredients and methods of preparation of all of our foods. We train our staff to always describe and recommend items, even to regular customers, and to always up-sell. The key to our employee’s success in up-selling is the realization that it almost always brings in better tips because the checks are higher.

We will emphasize service to differentiate ourselves. We will establish our business offerings as a clear and viable alternative for our target market, from the scores of “slow delivery”, “frozen dough”, and “your average” pizza chains.

We will build long-term relationships with our customers, becoming their destination of choice for delivery, take out, and dine in. We will sell ourselves as the best neighborhood and community pizzeria.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

We are forecasting sales of approximately $677,000 in our first fiscal year (May 2005 to April 2006) with an opening date of mid-May 2005. We foresee sales increasing at .5% monthly, an overall yearly rate of 6% per year. Our forecast is conservative and is based on an average of $17.00 average per order.

We are convinced that our business will increase with time. We have a strong management team who will be on property daily to monitor daily operations. We will constantly watch food quality, customer service, and costs.

Pizzeria franchise business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Pizzeria franchise business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Total Restaurant Sales $677,297 $717,935 $761,011
Other $0 $0 $0
Total Sales $677,297 $717,935 $761,011
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cost of Sales $135,461 $143,590 $152,206
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $135,461 $143,590 $152,206