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4 Moons Pizzeria

Market Analysis Summary

Ohno is one of the fastest growing cities in America with Nevada being voted the best small business state in the country. Ohno is a community diverse in the arts and culture. We have a strong labor market, low taxes, affordable housing, and natural amenities making Ohno an attractive place to live and do business.

The greater Ohno metropolitan area population has grown one third through the last decade and is projected to grow 11.4% in the next five years.

The median age is 36 years old with household incomes averaging $65,895. With a strong local economy we have a population with disposable cash for dining and entertainment.

According to the Nevada Restaurant Association, Nevada restaurants are expected to lead the nation in sales growth at 7.6%.  Nevada is also the fastest growing state in the union. 

4.1 Market Segmentation

4 Moons target market is a three mile radius of site location. Within the three mile operating radius is a population of 121,705. The total number of households in this area is 48,839 with an average income of $58,197.

This area is densely populated, and a desirable part of town in which to live. It is an under-served portion of town, especially to the west up to the Caughlin Ranch area. It  is on one of the most traveled corridors in Ohno, Blue Plum Lane. Located near two of Ohno’s most popular malls, Parklane and Shopper’s Square.

Our target market includes adults 20 to 54 years old who socialize and have families. Children are a big part of our market, at a third of the population is this area. Ages 4 to 19 prefer pizza over any fast food and often influence family dining decisions. According to one study, 93% of the U.S. population eats pizza. If we sold one pizza per month with an average of $17.00 per household, we would generate $721,141 in one month. This illustrates that with effective marketing, superior product, and proper management we will reach and exceed our projected sales goals.

In this area we have some of the best schools. 4 Moons Pizzerias provides support for local area school groups and sports teams, as well as local church groups. We will be involved through providing sponsorships, discounts, and donations.

Pizzeria franchise business plan, market analysis summary chart image

Market Analysis
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Potential Customers Growth CAGR
Ages 0-19 (preferred fast food) 4% 30,426 31,643 32,909 34,225 35,594 4.00%
Ages 20-54 (w/disposable cash) 4% 61,583 64,046 66,608 69,272 72,043 4.00%
Over 55 3% 26,775 27,685 28,626 29,599 30,605 3.40%
Total 3.87% 118,784 123,374 128,143 133,096 138,242 3.87%

4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

We haven’t ruled any one group or class out in our target market area. Just about everyone eats pizza. Most residents in this area have busy schedules, and find value in exceptional and timely service, as well as mouth watering, delightful food. We believe most everyone will appreciate our value based menu and family atmosphere. We have a strong commitment to community involvement including sponsorship for school/group teams.

We strongly believe we will overcome any competition in our area. The local competition includes Sticky Paws Pizza, Damynos, Gridlow’s Pizza, Hoopla Take-and-Bake, Clodhopper’s, and Little Sayzar. Most of these are at least two miles from our location and are no competition to our concepts, ideals, fresh products, and welcoming service.

4.3 Service Business Analysis

Pizza Statistics:

  • Represent 17% of all restaurants.
  • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day.
  • Pizza is a $32+ billion per year industry with continuing overall restaurant growth.
  • Accounts for 10% of all food service sales.
  • 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.
  • 67% of Americans order pizza for a casual evening with friends.
  • Children between 3-11 prefer pizza over all other food groups.

4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns

4 Moons Pizzerias are competitive in the mid price point, fast casual dining market. With an average ticket of $17.00, we are priced above Hoopla Take-and-Bake and Damyno but below Squaretable.

Quality, Quick, and Simple is the goal of 4 Moons Pizzerias. The customers are provided with the highest quality product. Store design provides a warm and friendly environment for all.