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4 Moons Pizzeria

Executive Summary

The following plan is based on years of experience, is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity.  It is based on conservative sales figures, and actual sales may be higher. The projections contained herein are authentic and will be used as the budget for the business. 4 Moons Pizzeria will show a profit almost immediately, and will increase sales and profits each year thereafter.

1.1 Objectives

The objective is to lease a site at 555 West Blue Plum Lane. We will need to remodel the interior according to the Franchisor’s design. We plan to duplicate and massage the successful formula used by Franchisor. We will use our own personal strategies and skills to create our own success in our 4 Moons Pizzeria. We plan to train our crew to ensure outstanding results in quality food and customer service. Our objectives are as follows.

  • Be the first 4 Moons Pizzeria in Nevada
  • Provide the highest quality product, duplicating Franchisor’s successful pizzerias in Oregon
  • Give top notch service in a quick and efficient manner
  • Keep our menu simple to maintain low food cost
  • Maintain the competitive, fast-casual dining at the mid-range price point
  • Use marketing strategies to build volume quickly
  • First year sales over $677,000 with a 6% growth yearly
  • Maintain and expand an outstanding reputation as being the best neighborhood pizzeria

1.2 Mission

4 Moons Pizzeria exists for the purpose of generating sales and profit. Because we are a service business, we will also exist to serve our customers. These two reasons for our existence are inextricable. If one aspect does not exist, the other will cease to exist.

  • We will always offer a fresh product and welcoming environment
  • We will remain cheerful, courteous, well trained, and focused on pleasing our guests
  • We will strive to become the first destination of choice for those in our neighborhood and community
  • Our staff will be offered a workplace where they can prosper and grow in a dignified, fun, and rewarding manner
  • We will give support to and contribute to our community schools, churches, groups, and businesses

1.3 Keys to Success

Our policy of being operating managing members is to make sure we pass by every table to greet, visit with, or at least send a smile to our guests.

We will visit any table or answer to any phone call that has feedback, positive or negative. We will use every means available to satisfy our customers.

We will be committed to the success and happiness of our staff.

We will be committed to providing quality food and beverage at all times.

We will consistently follow the franchisor’s proven methods.

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