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Pizzeria del Causamali

Management Summary

We are a small company owned and operated by Marion and Marianne Bruxellesprot, husband and wife, as a partnership.  Management style reflects the participation of the owners.  The company respects its community of co-workers and treats all workers well. 

Marianne Bruxellesprot is a 1998 graduate of University School of Business with High Honors and Distinction in Business.  Her experience with general business, technology, and operations is a great asset to this venture. 

Additionally, Otho Colderobby is an advisor to the owners.  Otho is a 1991 graduate of State College with a degree in Economics.  Furthermore, Otho graduated in 1995 with a Masters in Business Administration from University School of Business with emphases in Marketing and Finance.  Otho held a senior finance management position with Frito Lay for 5 years.  Otho is currently a managing consultant with a marketing strategy firm.  He also spent 5 years in a strategic services consulting practice.

7.1 Personnel Plan

The personnel table assumes a level need of employees, and 5% per annum pay raises.  Staffing for a 7-day a week restaurant necessitates two shifts.  In addition to the hours open for serving we anticipate an additional hour before opening for prep and as much as an hour after closing for cleanup.  This is approximately 8 hours of staffing necessary Sunday – Thursday and 10 hours on both Friday and Saturday.

The two kitchen lead positions are part-time, earning $9/hr.  The kitchen leads will serve as the shift leaders of the kitchen/wait staff.  Kitchen staff will serve as the wait staff.  There will be one dedicated dishwashing position per shift.  Wages for kitchen/wait staff, dishwashers, and delivery drivers, who are all part-time, are $6/hr, with opportunities for all to share the combined earn tips.  It is imperative the people serving as the kitchen lead are over 21 and can legally serve alcohol.

Hourly part-time positions as kitchen/wait, dishwashing, and delivery staff average out to be approximately 30 hours per week each.  Delivery staff will work 5 hour shifts each night, with an extra delivery staff member added on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  During the week if this person is not delivering, they will work in the kitchen as needed, directed by the kitchen lead.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Kitchen Leads $28,080 $29,484 $30,958
Kitchen/Wait $37,440 $39,312 $41,278
Dishwasher $15,600 $16,380 $17,199
Owner $9,000 $9,450 $9,923
Delivery $15,600 $16,380 $17,199
Total People 12 12 12
Total Payroll $105,720 $111,006 $116,556