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UPer Crust Pies

Web Plan Summary

In the first year of operation UPer Crust Pies will establish a basic Internet presence. The website will be a virtual business card and portfolio for the company with a simple yet contemporary design to keep up with the latest trends in user interface. The site will have general information about the company, its products, prices, store locations, hours of operation and contact information.

In year two, the company will launch an e-commerce facility for customer ordering and shipping of frozen products throughout the U.S.

7.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Marketing efforts will start with our existing brick-and-mortar store customer base, informing them of our Internet presence and encouraging their word-of-mouth recommendations. Further awareness will be heightened by utilizing search engine submissions, URL links and e-mail marketing.

The company website and email address will be referenced on all printed material and correspondence including menus, business cards and advertising media.

The launching of our e-commerce facility for shipping in year two will also be marketed in our stores through word of mouth and on all printed media. Expansion into outside sales will help us to create greater community awareness.

7.2 Development Requirements

Development Costs

  • Site design: $1000 – $2,000.
  • Website name registration for is $149.00 for 10 years.
  • Site implementation: UPer Crust Pies will utilize the programming services of a friend with 12 years of experience in software development, including custom programming, data management and Web development.

Ongoing Costs

  • Site hosting: $19.95 per month. Includes 250 MB Disk Space, 10 GB Data transfer and 20 POP e-mailboxes. (Year 1)
  • Fully integrated e-commerce site hosting: $99.95 per month. Includes 5,000 MB Disk Space, 200 GB Data transfer and 200 POP e-mailboxes, storefront and shopping cart, secure online credit card processing and payment options. (Year 2)
  • Search engine submission: $44.95 per month. Guaranteed placement in Google and Yahoo! (Year 2)
  • Site design changes: Free of charge; however, material for changes such as photography, new logos or designs may incur a fee but will be considered part of  the marketing budget.