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UPer Crust Pies

Risk Management

New restaurants and fast-food outlets often make one of two mistakes: they are either unprepared or under prepared for opening. Initial poor service or product quality discourages customers from returning. Many first businesses spend all of their efforts at opening and are unable to maintain the quality customers expect on return visits, decreasing word-of-mouth advertising and leading to poor revenues.

UPer Crust Pies will be as prepared as it can possibly be with backā€“up equipment, alternative suppliers and at least three month’s inventory of frozen product.

Initial costs will be planned accordingly and kept to a minimum. The company recognizes the importance of its image, first-time impressions and customer service and it will not sacrifice this in order to satisfy the bottom line.

It is anticipated that marketing costs will be significantly higher in the first three months of business. Marketing activities will be closely monitored and constantly analyzed to decide what marketing activities are successful and what are not. A marketing budget will be set for the first store and for each subsequent store.

UPer Crust Pies will establish a loyal and long-term relationship with our suppliers and always pay on time. We wish to establish fixed-product rates with our suppliers as a buffer to avoid fluctuating economic conditions that may affect our purchasing capabilities.

Changes in importation policies and health regulations will always affect UPer Crust Pies. We need to establish a strong working relationship with the relevant authorities to ensure all procedures are followed correctly and ensure that we have a steady supply of product.

Because our products are unknown to the general consumer, marketing activities are vitally important. We plan on implementing several marketing strategies as outlined in the marketing section of this business plan. To establish product and brand awareness, we will give-away small samples to encourage first timers to try our products. Although we have quality products, building a loyal customer base will take time. We realize that training and empowerment of our employees will be reflected in their customer service and that word-of-mouth advertising will be paramount to our success.

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