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Ladies Only Fitness


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

Mapleton is a city on the move. The population has grown by 10% each year for the past three years. The current population of Mapleton is 600,000.

Most importantly, the growth has been fueled by the increased employment in the city’s high-tech companies.  This has attracted a type of professional that is the target customer for the Ladies Only Fitness.  The women we are targeting are looking for a different type of fitness club experience. At Ladies Only Fitness, they will be the total focus of our staff.

Another target group is young mothers who are looking for a club that will fit their needs and keep their children close.  Ladies Only Fitness has designed the facility so that the child care center can be seen by anyone working in the main exercise room.  We believe that changes like that will be seen as welcome extras that will bring new members.

Market Segmentation

Ladies Only Fitness will focus on two customer groups:

  • 12,000 Young urban professional women;
  • 5,000 Young mothers with children (ages new born to three years of age).

Sales Plan

Ladies Only Fitness anticipates that sales will be slow for the first and second month of operation, due to our "first month free" promotion. After that point, sales will increase as new members pay for their membership fees.


Locations & Facilities

Ladies Only Fitness is located in the Southtowne Center in southwest Mapleton.  The club occupies a 5,500 square foot storefront.  The facility has one primary equipment room adjacent to the child care center.  The club also has three exercise rooms.  The facility can accommodate 110 people.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Initial launch
Jan 04, 2020
Spring promotion
Mar 06, 2020
Plan vs. actual review
Apr 19, 2020
Summer promotion
June 05, 2020

Key Metrics

  • Paying members
  • Free trial members
  • Conversion from free trial to paying %
  • Facebook likes
  • Visits per month per member
  • Visits per month per free trial members