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Phoebe's Photo Studio


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

We will get the word out by conventional advertising to start, and by a yellow page ad, social media and a website. We have a targeted marketing effort to:

  1. Families of newborn babies
  2. Families with children old enough to graduate college or high school 
  3. Professionals who need a LinkedIn or Facebook shot, or a headshot for conferences. 

Sales Plan

A special for the first baby picture will be a regular feature of our pricing structure. This is offered with the intent of getting the whole family on an ongoing basis as clients, because babies need photos frequently and we want these families to be clients for life.


Locations & Facilities

We will open in an 800 square-foot studio at 100 Main Street, the heart of the commercial district with ample free parking.  The space will be leased for three years beginning at $800 a month with cost-of-living adjustments made annually. 

The studio will have a highly visible electric sign and a 20-foot wide display window visible to passing foot and auto traffic. Customers will enter a public area with a counter, samples of our photographs and albums, and couches for waiting. A separate playroom with props and other toys will accommodate children with sitting areas for parents, while a utility area off the back door will be set up to accommodate pets and their props. Children, pets and props can be brought into the photography studio for their photographs.  An office and working area will be used for assembling the final product.

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Newspaper display Ad
Jan 02, 2020
Radio Spot Ad
Jan 09, 2020
Website Development
Aug 08, 2020
Radio Spot Script
Sept 05, 2020
Yellow Page Ad Design
Sept 19, 2020
Direct Mail System Ad For Newborns
Sept 26, 2020
Newspaper Display Ad
Oct 03, 2020
Electric Sign
Nov 01, 2020
Move In
Nov 21, 2020
Employee Training
Dec 05, 2020
Radio Spot production
Dec 05, 2020

Key Metrics

Key Metrics 

  1. Measure website page views and customer inquiries 
  2. Keep track of Facebook page views and Twitter re-tweets 
  3. Train our staff to return calls right away 
  4. # of customers in a month 
  5. # of customers who book a second appointment in advance