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The Discount Pharmacy offers a wide range of prescription drugs to patients based in Oregon or nationally. Both generics and name brands are offered.

In order for a customer to purchase medications mail order, they must first contact The Discount Pharmacy over the phone. The customer then needs to either mail in the prescription, fax it, or email it. Once it is received and payment arrangements are complete, the medicines will be sent out to the customer via U.S.P.S. or U.P.S. Local customers may stop by the store front to pick up the medications.

The Discount Pharmacy will only service customers who self pay. The self pay customers will be attracted to The Discount Pharmacy because of its superior prices. For many Americans that do not have drug plans, including the vast majority of Americans over 65, a discount on drugs is very welcome on today's increasingly tight monthly budgets.

The Discount Pharmacy will be able to survive on lower margins due to operating efficiencies gained through national mail order operations and not accepting insurance policy drug plans which hampers cash flow. The Discount Pharmacy will also save money by not paying for customer's unlimited access to a pharmacist. If a customer has a question regarding a drug, the pharmaceutical technician will attempt to answer it. As a last resort the pharmacist will provide the answer. Generally, the technician or the accompanying printed literature will answer the question.

This model of saving costs by not providing unlimited access to the pharmacist will be successful because the majority of customers will be customers who have been taking said drug for awhile, as opposed to a new prescription, and will not require their hand to be held during the transaction. They are interested in The Pharmacy as an inexpensive source for their medication.

With each order a printout will accompany the medications providing directions on how to take the medications, other drugs that should be avoided concurrently, and other useful information. The Discount Pharmacy will be using computer print outs from industry software to reduce the cost of providing this information.

Note--while the term "self pay" is typically associated with the notion that the customer is paying for the medication out of pocket without insurance, it is used in this context as the customer paying for the medications up front regardless if they have insurance. They may be paying out of pocket, or they may be paying up front and then submitting to their insurance company's drug plan to reimburse them later.

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