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The Discount Pharmacy


Marketing & Sales

Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy will be based on social media, mainly Facebook and Twitter, offering useful information and opinion while quietly appealing to the customer’s sense of value. The marketing campaign’s goal will to be increase awareness of The Discount Pharmacy with their target market.

Sales Plan

The sales strategy will be based on generating long-term relationships with customers. To facilitate that, we will provide medications at superior prices, have medicines in stock for both quick shipment and store front pick up, and provide superior customer service. All sales agents will be trained to provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service. By keeping to these simple, yet effective, business practices, we expect that our customers will make The Discount Pharmacy their exclusive source for medications. For some, medications are an integral part of their lives, so establishing long-term relationships will ensure a large, loyal customer base

Milestones & Metrics

Milestones Table

Milestone Due Date
Office Setup
Jan 02, 2020
First Key Relationship
Jan 16, 2020

Key Metrics

Our key metrics are: 

  1. The # of customers that walk in to the pharmacy 
  2. The # of customers that choose to mail in 
  3. The # of reviews saying that people could go to our pharmacy 
  4. Facebook page views, Twitter retweets  and website shares 
  5. Total customer traffic on the website 
  6. Total customer traffic in and out of the store