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Strategy and Implementation Summary

OutReSources, Inc. will primarily focus on three service markets, Developmental Disability, Service Coordination, and Mental Health Providers, and in limited product segments: Pre-audit Review, Training, and Certifications. 

5.1 Competitive Edge

Clearly, our competitive edge is the customer service experience and approach that our management team will bring to the table.  Our “Best Practice” and “Client First” approach to all of our services is evident, and highly appreciated.

5.2 Marketing Strategy

An overview of the marketing plan includes:

  • Networking via word of mouth
  • Joining Associations of potential clients
  • Evolve Flowstone’s services to optimized levels to maximize profit and quality
  • Community involvement through volunteering, providing free seminars or scholarships to families in need to attend seminars
  • Symposium and Conferences 
  • Website 
  • Calling on connections within key state departments, agencies, and other affiliates
  • High profile interaction between our managers, and the customers
  • Excellent service and high quality results

5.3 Sales Strategy

The marketing strategy discussed previously in this business plan will generate the desired sales.  These sales will begin with a phone call to known health care providers across the state.  It is a stated objective to assist or transfer the administrative burden of quality assurance, training and certification away from the owner, freeing up their time to meet with clients, to network at  functions, and to market the list of prospective clients.  This means that our team will be running and directing internal audits and staff trainings.  This team must be carefully trained to recognize and address deficiencies in service quality. 

The Team Supervisor needs and expects close contact and cooperation with the client agency’s staff.  The General Operational Manger is under pressure to get a quotation together.  The GOM and Trainers must be armed with quick reference guide to pricing.  The important caller should be told that the GOM will “call right back.” The more successful the marketing strategy is in making in-roads into the foundation of a market, the more important this communication response will become.

In respect to the prospect list of clients, it is essential that a “salesman’s” approach be adopted to insure an organized, orderly approach to each prospect.  Notes need to be kept on each client.  Follow-up and persistence will pay off.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

OutReSources, Inc. is a start-up and a relatively new concept in the field within a fairly common concept of consultation and training services.  It is difficult to forecast without any benchmarks.  However, since our overhead and start-up cost will be minimal we are able to use basic forecast principles by estimating our primary cost of salary (what it cost us to provide the service) which includes staffs estimated operating costs of lodging, meals and travel expenses to forecast our cost. 

We want a 50% profit margin (to allow room for adjustments as needed) and so will double operating expenses to project revenue.  This results in a Net profit of 50% on the dollar or 2-1 on our money.  Of course, as services are implemented adjustments will be made based on total sales, realized cost, accessibility, feasibility, etc.

Personnel management business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Personnel management business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Pre-audit Review $195,000 $253,500 $329,550
Pre-audit Review with Training $265,500 $345,150 $448,695
Specialized Trainings $7,800 $11,700 $17,550
Certification Courses $11,700 $17,550 $26,325
Total Sales $480,000 $627,900 $822,120
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Pre-audit Review $97,500 $126,750 $164,775
Pre-audit Review with Training $132,750 $172,575 $224,348
Specialized Trainings $1,950 $2,925 $4,388
Certification Courses $1,942 $2,913 $4,370
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $234,142 $305,163 $397,880

5.4 Milestones

Set forth below are the main milestones in the schedule of proposed development.  We have carefully reviewed the timelines for start-up and firmly believe that once we are completely funded we can construct and open our initial services within less than one month of external implementation.

  • Development of Formalized Methodology of all services provided by May 2005 (GOM)
  • Purchase of High-end Presentation equipment by May 2005 (FLowstone, Inc.)
  • Preliminary dry run of internal mock services by June 2005 (General Operations Manager)
  • Approval of final product by July 2005 (Flowstone, Inc. GOM and Training Supervisors)
  • Marketing for potential clients By July 2005 (Flowstone, Inc. and GOM)
  • Training Packets, manuals, and documents by May 2005 (GOM, Training Supervisors)
  • Develop internal operation protocols and employee manual By June 2005 (Flowstone, Inc. and GOM)
  • Prepare and finalize marketing campaign (pamphlets, advertisements, etc) by June 2005 (Flowstone, Inc. and GOM)
  • Train staff by June 2005 (GOM and Training Supervisors)
  • Soft open (training period 30 to 45 days) by July 2005 (GOM and Training Supervisors)
Personnel management business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Develop Formalized Methodology 1/15/2005 5/31/2005 $0 GOM Department
Purchase Presentation Equipment 1/15/2005 5/31/2005 $0 Flowstone Department
Dry Run of Pre-audit Review 1/15/2005 6/30/2005 $0 GOM Department
Approval of Products 1/15/2005 7/31/2005 $0 Flowstone, GOM, T-S Department
Marketing for Potential Clients 1/15/2005 7/31/2005 $0 Flowstone, GOM Department
Training Packets and Materials 1/15/2005 5/31/2005 $0 GOM, T-S Department
Internal Protocols/Employee Manual 1/15/2005 6/30/2005 $0 Flowstone, GOM Department
Prepare/Finalize Mktg Campaign 1/15/2005 6/30/2005 $0 Flowstone, GOM Department
Hire and Train Staff 1/15/2005 6/30/2005 $0 GOM, T-S Department
Soft Opening 1/15/2005 7/31/2005 $0 GOM, T-S Department
Totals $0