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Executive Summary

OutReSources, Inc. will be a consulting company specializing in the design and delivery of training products and services in statewide and regional markets.  The company offers health care providers a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, training, and quality assurance.

OutReSources will initially be created as a Greenstate DBA company under the umbrella of Flowstone, Inc., based in the Central County area of Greenstate, the heart of Greenstate’s population and growth.

Within the state, OutReSources plans to target health care service providers, tailoring our services to their needs.  One of OutReSources’ challenges will be establishing itself as a real consulting and training company, positioned as a relatively risk-free purchase. 

Industry competition comes in several forms, the most significant being companies and agencies that choose to do business development and training in-house rather than outsourcing.  There are also State and independent organizations providing training and development resources.  Many of these companies are generalist in nature and do not focus on a niche market.  Furthermore, they are often hampered by a flawed organizational structure that does not provide the most experienced people for the client’s projects.  OutReSources’ advantage over such companies is that it provides high-level consulting to help integrate practice with theory and in concert with the client companies’ goals.

OutReSources will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear.  The pricing will fit with the general positioning of OutReSources as providing high-level expertise.  Sales are estimated to be substantial and an excellent cash balance in the first year.

The company’s founders are former and current health care service providers, all in the “fee-for-service” provider markets we will target.  They are founding OutReSources to formalize the consulting services they already offer.  OutReSources will be managed by working partners, in a structure taken mainly from Flowstone, Inc.  In the beginning we assume three partners, Khallie Locharnold and Soren Aboukir (from Flowstone Inc.) and Yuriatin Guadalquivir.

The firm estimates healthy profits by the first year with a commensurate net profit margin.  The company does not anticipate any cash flow problems arising.

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1.1 Objectives

OutReSources has set several objectives for the first year.

  1. Develop and implement a training service that targets both for-profit and non-profit health care providers that provide fee-for-services and which are required to meet standards set by state and federal regulations, and/or private associations.
  2. Raise the standards for quality of care while breaking free of the confines of the “fee-for-service that is Medicaid” by developing a service to support those health care providers who still operate within those confines.
  3. Develop a company with low overhead and liability to optimize net profit margins.

1.2 Mission

Our mission is to raise the standards of health care services by improving the skills, abilities, and efficiencies of those who provide such services.  We wish to educate and train those who provide health care services and are reimbursed and regulated by the state governing agencies.  We aim to be transitional educators and trainers to those with the education but without the experience.

1.3 Keys to Success

Quality and Credibility 

Employing trainers within the appropriate disciplines who have

  • Credentials: Education, Licenses, Certifications
  • Proven successful track record
  • Continuing Education Units

Strong Formal Methodology

Developing strong formalized training methodologies for all services

  • Policy and Procedures 
  • Hierarchy roles in the Organizational Structure: Qualifications and Duties
  • Confidentiality control
  • Feedback Reporting: Finished Product

Promotion and Marketing

  • Starting with what we know: Our first offerings are based on our expertise 
  • Reaching a large targeted population: Expanding our offerings 
  • Spring boarding off current credentials

Operations and Liability

Maintaining low overhead and liability by:  

  • Maximizing abilities and simplifying roles
  • Assessing the market and initiating with “High End” targets (large providers, high fee-for-service rate services)
  • Strong investments in quality equipment vs cost by including 
    • Mobility vs Center or combinations
    • Space and supplies
    • Finished products (manuals, pamphlets, protocols)