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Plynthe Insurance

Management Summary

Kolem Plynthe will be the only employee of Plynthe Insurance in its first year. He will continue to direct the company going forward and will bring on an associate agent in the second year of operation. This agent will prospect, sell, and fulfill policy requests for clients and will answer questions of clients just as Kolem Plynthe will. However, Plynthe will manage the marketing and finances of the firm and will set guidelines for training and education which the associate agent must follow.

Personnel Plan

Kolem Plynthe will escalate his salary as the year goes forward. Although the business is currently a sole proprietorship, his salary is recorded to better illustrate the tax burden he will face. The associate agent will be compensated with a base salary, a 5% commission on sales, and a percentage of net profits which will increase based on performance. The associate agent will have an initial salary of $50,000 per year, but will be hired part way into the second year of operation.

Training for the associate agent (and future associate agents) will begin with direct, on the job training by Kolem Plynthe on sales calls. Ongoing training will include required course work to maintain certification as well as additional events in the community, conferences, and reading material.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Kolem Plynthe $49,000 $50,000 $75,000
Associate Agent $0 $35,000 $75,000
Total People 1 2 2
Total Payroll $49,000 $85,000 $150,000