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Plynthe Insurance

Executive Summary

Plynthe Insurance will be an independent personal insurance brokerage located in Peristyle Gardens and serving the adult population of the town with insurance advice, a variety of policy types, and selection from any insurance provider available on the market. The business will be launched by Kolem Plynthe, a newly licensed insurance agent, as a home-based business and grown in future years to a small office where Plynthe can collaborate with associate agents. Plynthe’s track record as a salesperson positions him well for success in the insurance business.

Plynthe Insurance stands to be a profitable business which will provide salary and dividends for Kolem Plynthe, its sole owner. Salary to Plynthe plus profits will increase moderately but steadily. The business can be launched without external investment or loans, relying only on Plynthe’s savings and personal borrowings. To finance expansion to an office, Plynthe Insurance will require a long-term loan taken out in its second year of operation.

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Plynthe Insurance will judge its success on meeting the following objectives:

  1. Build revenues quickly in the first year of operations.
  2. Rent an office and add an associate insurance agent in the second year of operations.
  3. Reach revenues double in third year of operations with a reasonable net profit.


The mission of Plynthe Insurance is to create a more protected community by offering property, casualty, and life insurance to residents of Peristyle Gardens from a wide range of insurance sources.

Keys to Success

To achieve its objectives, Plynthe Insurance will follow these principles:

  1. Remain independent of direct affiliate ties to any specific insurance providers
  2. Think of each client’s needs holistically to consider all the potential risks in their lives
  3. Maintain a reputation of care, fairness, empathy, and expertise