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Sigmund's Gourmet Pasta

Management Summary

Kevin Lewis, President, CPA

  • Duties: strategic development, back-office administration, financial analysis, internal control, server, and line cook.
  • Education: BS general science and BS accounting, University of Oregon.
  • Restaurant experience: two years as a server and busser.
  • Business experience: staff accountant (Arthur Andersen) and controller (Hollywood Video).

Chef Darryl Darci, Executive Chef

  • Duties: manages the back of the house, product development, kitchen hiring, kitchen training, and inventory management.
  • Education: Western Culinary Institute.
  • Restaurant Experience: fifteen years of restaurant experience at Harrah’s & JQ Hammonds. At JQ Hammonds ran an opening crew for new properties, also the executive sous chef managing 20 and plated 800 meals a day.

Erika Lewis, General Manager

  • Duties: manages the front of the house, human resources, server hiring, server training, and quality control.
  • Education: BS sociology, University of Oregon.
  • Business experience: office and facilities manager, nCube Inc., managed a staff of five, managed system implementation and construction projects and negotiated satellite office lease.

Advisory Board

  • John Stevens, VP Food Starbucks Coffee Co., Inc.
  • Arthur Johnson, Former VP Real Estate Starbucks Coffee Co., Inc.
  • Donald Davis, franchise owner of Sheraton Hotel and Tony Roma’s.
  • Jerry Slippery, CPA, Partner, Arthur Anderson.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Kevin, Darryl, and Erika will all be working full time. In addition to this management team, there will be four other full-time employees brought on board during the end of the third month for the first store. The second store will see the hiring of five additional employees.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Kevin $30,000 $37,800 $39,690
Erika $30,000 $37,800 $39,690
Darryl $62,000 $75,600 $79,380
Full time employee $11,480 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $11,480 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $11,480 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $10,472 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $0 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $0 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $0 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $0 $13,440 $13,440
Full time employee $0 $13,440 $13,440
Total People 7 12 12
Total Payroll $166,912 $272,160 $279,720