Harquebus Paintball, Inc.

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Paintball Products Retail Business Plan

Management Summary

Harquebus Paintball will have a management team of four members. Each member of the HPI team will fulfill their specific job requirements and by working hard and together, HPI will achieve all of its goals. The HPI employee department setup will be as follows: Store, Inventory, and Service. Each department will have one manager in charge, and the possibility of employees. HPI's department setup below:

  • Store Department: (overall store operations)
    • Manager (Store Manager): Padraich Petard,  President/CE
      • Weekly Hours: 40+.
      • Assures that all other departments are working hard and consistently.
      • Handles any job necessary to fulfill the operations of HPI, with the exception of gun repairs/upgrades.
      • Grants consent or vetoes ideas and inventory orders.
      • Customer Assistance. (cashiering; product help; etc)
      • Teams with the inventory and service departments to create new sales/promotions to boost financials.
      • Generates employee hours.
      • Generates payroll.
      • Handles financial duties (Accounting).
      • Promotes store cleanliness. (store cleaning)
    • Assistant Manager (Financial Manager): Petra Pistolero, Vice President/CFO
      • Weekly Hours: 40+.
      • Helps handle financial duties.
      • Helps generate payroll.
      • Helps generate employee hours.
      • Teams with inventory and service departments to create new sales/promotions to boost financials.
      • Customer Assistance.
      • Promotes store cleanliness.
  • Inventory Department: (inventory management)
    • Manager (Inventory Manager): Geoffrey Gunnar,  Vice President/COO
      • Weekly Hours: 40+.
      • Manages product selection.
      • Researches new product selection.
      • Generates monthly inventory sales reports.
      • Creates inventory reorder tickets.
      • Teams with Store Management to create new inventory sales/promotions.
      • Customer Assistance.
      • Promotes store cleanliness.
  • Service Department: (services and repairs)
    • Manager (Service Manager): Claude Carabinerie
      • Hourly Wage: $9.00.
      • Weekly Hours: 30-35.
      • Gun-tech: novice/intermediate/advanced gun repairs and upgrades.
      • Teams with Store Management to create new repair/upgrade sales/promotions.
      • Provides knowledgeable advice.
      • Customer Assistance.
      • Promotes store cleanliness.
    • Service Employee(s) (Front Service Clerk):
      • Hourly Wage: $7.50.
      • Weekly Hours: 25.
      • Gun-tech: novice/intermediate gun upgrades.
      • Provides knowledgeable advice.
      • Customer Assistance.
      • Collect products at checkout time.
      • Promotes store cleanliness.

HPI was founded by the Store and Inventory managers, Padraich Petard, Geoffrey Gunnar, and Petra Pistolero.

7.1 Personnel Plan

As you can see in the personnel table below, HPI is estimated to have seven employees at start-up: four managers, and three service clerks. Wages for service clerks were calculated by taking the weekly hours, dispersing equal amount of daily hours over a full week, multiplied by the number of days in each month, and multiplied again by hourly wage. The wage for the "Service Manager" was calculated in the manner described above, and subtracted by the average number of hours spent on gun repairs, which was an average of 20 per week, multiplied by the hourly wage. This expense is shown in the "Sales Forecast" table labeled as the "Direct Cost of Sales" for the repairs category.

Please note that the wages below are total dollars earned per month, without the appropriate taxes taken out. Taxes are estimated and labeled as an expense in the profit/loss table within this plan.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Store Manager $20,400 $20,000 $20,000
Asst. Store Manager $20,400 $20,000 $20,000
Inventory Manager $20,400 $20,000 $20,000
Service Manager $10,404 $12,000 $12,000
Front Svc. Clerk $9,772 $10,424 $11,075
Front Svc. Clerk $9,772 $10,424 $11,075
Front Svc. Clerk $9,772 $10,424 $11,075
Total People 7 7 7
Total Payroll $100,920 $103,272 $105,225
Harquebus Paintball, Inc. paintball products retail business plan management summary. Harquebus Paintball is a start-up retailer offering instore and online sales of a wide variety of paintball guns, paint, masks and accessories. The store also offers equipment service and upgrades.