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Harquebus Paintball, Inc.

Products and Services

Harquebus Paintball will provide the products it sells through its physical and online retail stores, and services will be provided through the physical retail store only.

In-Store Products:

The items for sale will be strategically placed throughout the store as “departments” in unique, high-tech looking glass cases or behind the counters as “display items.” If/when a customer likes the display item and decides to purchase it, he/she will take an “item ticket” (a UPC tag created for that item to be rung-up) to the checkout center to complete the purchase of the product(s), and a staff member will get the item(s) from the back (inventory) room and bring it to the valued customer. HPI believes that this will reduce shrink/theft, especially since a main portion of the audience will be children.

Online Products:

Items for sale in HPI’s online store will also be classified under “departments.” If/when a customer chooses to purchase an item he/she likes, they will add the product to their online shopping cart and “checkout.” The staff members working in the physical store location will check online orders every night, and fulfill those orders to be shipped out the next day.

In-Store Services:

  • Gun Repairs: If a customer should need a repair on his/her gun, a gun-tech staff member will evaluate the situation (if the gun needs to be tweaked, or a new part needs to be provided). If the gun can be fixed without a new component, it will be repaired accordingly and a nominal fee will be assessed. However, if the gun does need a new component, a parts and labor fee will be charged.
  • Gun Upgrades: If a customer should buy a part for their gun and require assistance in integrating that component, then a nominal fee shall be imposed on that service.
  • Advice: All advice will be given free of charge.