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Harquebus Paintball, Inc.

Company Summary

Harquebus Paintball is a brand new retail paintball store that will be located in Enfilade Plaza. HPI will sell a wide array of new paintball equipment to paintballers in Bombarde County, from expensive brand-name products to inexpensive generic-label items, as well as providing services such as gun repairs, upgrades, and advice.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Harquebus Paintball’s total start-up requirements are shown in the following list, table, and chart.

  1. Incorporation Fees (Expense)
  2. Corporate Identity/Forms (Expense)
  3. Remodeling (Expense)
  4. Rent (Expense)
  5. Office/Store Equipment (Asset)
  6. Inventory (Asset)
  7. Cash Reserve (Asset)
  8. Advertising (Expense)
  9. Website (Expense)
  10. Misc. (Expense)
Paintball products retail business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Incorporation $384
Stationery etc. $300
Rent (First three months) $8,152
Remodeling $45,000
Advertising $40,000
Website $600
Other $900
Total Start-up Expenses $95,336
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $27,564
Start-up Inventory $80,000
Other Current Assets $12,100
Long-term Assets $5,000
Total Assets $124,664
Total Requirements $220,000

2.2 Company Ownership

Harquebus Paintball is filed as an S-Corporation in the state of Delaware, with its headquarters located in Bombarde County, Ourstate. Company Ownership of HPI is listed below:

  • President/CEO:  Padraich Petard
    Padraich has always had a deep passion for the resale of products, and is constantly looking for better ways to attract customers and increase potential purchases. He is an avid business man/entrepreneur who is willing to risk everything in hopes of building a grand business, and has the skills, brains, and willpower to guide a company to success. Padraich has two years experience in the retail industry working for one of Ourstate’s largest and most successful supermarkets, as well as experience in starting/running his own retail operation. He also has three years experience in paintball product knowledge.
  • Vice President/COO:  Geoffrey Gunnar
    Geoffrey has over three years experience in the paintball industry as an extreme paintball player. He is an excellent researcher, constantly looking for new products and upgrades to enhance his playing experience, and is always “two steps ahead of the game.” His knowledge in which products and services sell well is very extensive, knowing which products will be “the next best thing” in paintball, as he is constantly up-to-date with competition stores, online paintball forums, and large online retailing stores.
  • Vice President/CFO: Petra Pistolero
    Petra is a whiz at financing. He has mastered all of his advanced math courses, achieving a high understanding and comprehension in the world of numbers. His management with money is superb, demonstrated by his ability to decipher between wants and needs, as well as being able to save. Petra’s dream is to start his own company to make him successful in life, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him there. He has also experienced the game of paintball, as he used to play, and has a very well defined knowledge of the sport.
  • Vice President/Marketing Director: Dolores Derringer
    Dolores has over 17 years experience in the marketing industry. She already has her own advertising agency, DD Media, Inc., which was founded in 2001. A few existing accounts are SPark Energy, Centreville Electric Company, and Nowcare Hospitals. Her previous experience is with Smoke and Mirrors Agency, Ourstate Lottery, Hoover Vacuum Cleaners and Bigbucks Bank.  Her specialty is strategic media planning and buying for multi-million dollar accounts. She also has an associate degree in retail merchandising.
  • Assistant Store Manager/Service Manager: Claude Carabinerie
    Claude has over 11 years experience in the paintball industry. He is able to repair anything in paintball that will allow, and knows everything there is to know about paintball. Claude also has over three years experience working in a local paintball shop.

All employees are wonderful outgoing “people people” that are very hard working, creative, and work extremely well with others, constantly providing new ideas and concepts with a positive attitude to make the best out of whatever situation they get into.