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AuctionShipper offers shipping services, similar to MailBoxes Plus, but geared for auction-based transactions. AuctionShipper will only use recycled, re-used shipping materials for packaging as well as for the containers as well. This serves two very important functions. The first is the ability to significantly decrease the costs involved with packaging since all packaging materials are free. They are collected from nearby retailers that would otherwise throw them out. It also serves a business philosophy/marketing edge by being as environmentally sustainable in normal business operations as possible. By using only recycled materials, AuctionShipper is reducing waste, re-using materials, and not consuming any new eBay users shipping materials.

The services will be geared toward auction transactions where the customer drops off an item that they need packaged and sent. This is ideal for auction transactions as these types of products often do not have original boxes for the sold items and also there is the compelling need to keep the price of packaging/shipping down as much as possible. Having a fast service for packaging and shipping products will help create incentives for people to increase the number of items that they sell the easier it is to package and send an item, the increased likelihood a person will have for selling increasingly more things on eBay. Customers who are interested in shipping items that are non-auction items will be happily serviced as well.

In order to make the customer’s experience as convenient as possible, customers will be offered a key chain based bar code. This bar code will contain payment information, shipping preferences, etc. In order to complete the transaction, AuctionShipper only needs the shipping address, everything else is scanned into the computer via the bar code. This system allows AuctionShipper to service customers with unusual speed.

Customers will be able to choose all the different shipping services such USPS, UPS and Fed Ex.