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Austin Kinetic

Web Plan Summary

Austin Kinetic’s Web presence will not only serve as a medium for the company’s marketing message, but also will serve as an important tool for our customers. Customers will be provided with the ability to manage and monitor their accounts from anywhere that has access to the Internet. Additionally, consultants in the field will be able to track time and work journals through the site as well as develop and print immediate job estimates.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Austin Kinetic’s Web presence will be utilized as a tool to assist the company’s overall marketing strategy. It will serve as a point of reference for information about the company and its services, and in a small part, lend credibility to the marketing message.

6.2 Development Requirements

Austin Kinetic’s site will reside in a two-tier environment. A back-end database will be utilized to manage customer data. The site will be developed with the assistance of a contracted professional developer.