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Simplistic Labyrinth Design Studio


Simplistic Labyrinth Design Studio is a full-service design studio for outdoor gear.  Simplistic Labyrinth creates designs as per specifications given to them by a manufacturer as well as has designs that were created independently of a request. 

Some of Simplistic Labyrinth’s designs in the past have included an simple velcro watch band that is far more secure than traditional bands yet low profile, and an insulated wine/beer bag that maintains the internal temperature made out of 1000 denier Cordura fabric for durability, simple shoe bags for securing and separating footwear within suitcases for travel, a water hydration pack for ultramarathon running, a bag for bicycling that mounts on top of a rear rack and is completely waterproof, a strap system for securing trekking poles together, bicycling messenger bags, and a slim line padded laptop computer case/envelope.  The design of the product is only limited by the clients willingness to pay.

Simplistic Labyrinth derives their revenue from license fees and prototyping fees.  The license fees will be the cost charged to the company to use the product for production.  This differs from a royalty because a license fee will be a one time fee for a set number of items in production.  A royalty is typically a per item fee.  The prototyping fees are the fees charged for the production of a prototype, or working model if you will.

Some of the items designed and produced by Simplistic Labyrinth will be patented, but only if 1) the design is novel enough to receive intellectual property protection, and 2) if the design is unique enough so that the patent is not easily avoided by changing a relatively insignificant part of the design.