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The College Cafe


The main business model for The College Cafe relies on college students providing the textbooks, auctions, classifieds and teacher evaluations that are posted on the website.  Therefore, our focus relies heavily on the marketing strategy that will increase traffic and usage and, in turn, maintain our inventory of products and services. 

For the retail business component we will establish relationships with manufacturers or distributors that offer drop-shipments direct to the customer.  This will allow The College Cafe to keep expenses associated with inventory and distribution to a minimum.

We will be contracting students as subject matter experts to provide the content in the weblogs.  The use of students as weblog content experts will help keep costs to a minium yet still providing interesting and relevant content.

For content and other value added service we will establish relationships with 3rd party vendors.  This will enable The College Cafe to offer a wide variety of products and services online yet allow The College Cafe to focus on the key business elements; textbooks, auctions, classifieds and teacher evaluations.