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The accompanying table lists important milestones with dates and managers in charge.  The milestone schedule also indicates our initial beta launch of the website at Georgia State University.

Online college bookstore business plan, milestones chart image

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Business Concept & Planning 6/1/2003 7/15/2003 $0 GLO, KM, AP Management
Beta Site Development 7/1/2003 10/1/2003 $0 GLO, KM Web
Beta Site Launch 10/1/2003 10/2/2003 $0 GLO Web
Beta Site Promotional Campaign 10/1/2003 2/15/2004 $0 GLO, KM, AP Marketing
Beta Site Analysis 10/15/2003 2/28/2004 $0 GLO, KM, AP Web & Marketing
Secure Funding for Phase 1 Launch 7/1/2004 7/30/2004 $0 GLO Management
Phase 1 – Site Development 2/1/2004 8/15/2004 $0 GLO, KM Web
Phase 1 – Launch 8/15/2004 8/17/2004 $0 GLO Web
Phase 1 – Promotional Campaign 8/15/2004 10/1/2004 $0 GLO, KM, AP Marketing
Secure Funding for Phase 2 10/1/2004 10/30/2004 $0 GLO Management
Totals $0

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